Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hug someone

This was not the post I had intended to write today. It was planned to be a light hearted catch-up post, full of babble and random stories of the past few weeks.

Instead I woke up this morning to learn some very sad news. A dear friends son lost his lengthy battle with cancer. He had just graduated and should have been planning his future. He was courageous and brave since beginning his fight at age 4.

So tonight give someone a hug, call your family or friends, and remember what is truly important in life. And maybe say a little prayer for B's family.


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  1. I will say a prayer for them and you too.

  2. My prayers are with B's family, HUgs Cheri

  3. Kim,
    I am so sorry and will pray for the family. Sometimes life is so unfair.
    Hugs :)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's son. I will say a prayer.

  5. Kim,
    I am so sorry to read this, how very tragic. I shall keep this young man and his family in my prayers. Sending a hug to you, Julie

  6. I am so sorry to read of his passing. I feel bessed with every day I have and my loved ones.
    thinking of you

  7. Oh Kim,

    I am sorry to hear this. I will be praying for B's family and for you too. It is a terrible thing.

    Cancer is like a heart attack or stroke. Some make it and some don't. It is not fair.

    I have made it. I am a cancer survivor now about 8 years. I wonder why I am here and others are not. :(

    Have a good week Kim.

    Take care, Janet W

  8. Oh Kim, how sad. I will say a prayer for him and his parents.

  9. Kim, I'm real sorry that your friend's son lost his battle to cancer. I'll add family B. and you to my prayers. It is so sad and especially at this time of year when it gets cold, windy and the leaves falls in the wind signalling the end. His body may be lifeless but his transformation to new life is real. May he rest in the peace in the light and the love of Christ.



  10. I am so sorry for you and his family. What a terrible thing, to lose someone so young. Praying for everyone's hearts to heal.

  11. So sorry Kim. It's a reminder to make your memories with your loved ones NOW. Don't wait until a more convenient time, because that perfect time may never come. I hope his family is finding the comfort they need.

  12. So much heart break. I'm so sorry for everyone. I can't imagine...well...I just can't imagine any of it, and it hurts just trying to wrap my head around all of it. XXX

  13. I may be late, but my prayers will be nonetheless - and all the more - fervent. What a sad, sad, have to fight that devil demon from such an early age, and lose the war when life should be beginning. Holding up my end of the prayer chain.... Hugs ~ Robin