Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Update

It has been another busy weekend.  Friday evening was our town's Relay for Life event.  A few friends and I went down for a couple of hours to join in the festivities.  It is always a wonderful event full of laughter and tears.  I have yet to watch the Cancer Survivors walk their victory lap without tears streaming down my face. It is such a moving sight. 

Our little community has a lot of spirit.  Relay teams fund raise and hold events for months leading up to the night.  I am proud to say that $184,000 was raised for Cancer reasearch and support!

Saturday I decided I should finish up some UFO's.  I have several rugs that have been hooked for a long time, waiting to be bound.  Why is it so torturous to complete that task??  This particular rug has been hooked for over a year or so.  (Shameful, I know)

She is a Deanne Fitzpatrick design and is currently for sale in my Etsy shop

This only rug has been hooked for a couple of months (see, this one didn't take years to bind) and is also listed on Etsy. 

Since I was on a roll, getting jobs done I have been putting off - I also updated my iPod playlists.  I was getting bored with what was on there.  Plus it's summer and you need some fun driving tunes.  An eclectic mix including lots of classic rock with the Eagles, Queen etc.   You know, the kind of tunes that make in easy to get a speeding ticket.

What is it about classic rock tunes that makes your gas pedal foot heavy?  Or is it just me?


  1. Your rugs are very pretty - is it easier to hook then do the edges? Are the edges hard? sandie

  2. Nice work as usual. I'll have to put on my thinking cap for some summer tunes. I love community things. It brings everyone together for a good cause.

  3. Kim ~
    That is a tidy sum of money raised! Woo hoo :)
    Now that you're on a roll, can I send my rugs to you for binding? Seriously, your rugs are wonderful!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Congratulations on finishing two more rugs. You must be all caught up with your UFO's by now.

    How sweet of you to attend the Relay for Life and I find that very touching that you get tearry eyes. I've participted in some and attended the annual dinner for survivors but lately since I work I found that I don't bother going anymore as I have so much to do here.
    That's a great amount of money that they raised.

    I have a heavy foot sometime and I don't even need music to make my foot heavy. I love the Classic Rock.

    Have a lovely week. Hugs. JB

  5. Hi Kim, yes, it must be a moving experience,glad that much money was raised for cancer,great!! Love your rugs, I have been on my second rug for some time,enjoy hooking but need to find the time. The good old rock tunes,sing along. Blessings Francine.

  6. what a fund raiser that is a very dedicated n.
    your rugs are wonderful.
    and yest put the pedal to the metal when that old rock comes on.

  7. Nope isn't you and that old, great rock. I drive so much faster when it is on. Your rugs look great!! You do such nice work. I always enjoy seeing it.

  8. Your projects look great! Your town should be proud of the dedication to making Relay such a success. Our Relay for Life was also this weekend. It was cold and rainy and also windy. Not very pleasant but it had a good turn out anyway. I'm not sure how much was raised. Jack and I participated in a cancer research project this year. I forgot to take pics! Maybe it was being nervous about getting my blood drawn?

  9. LOVE the rugs!!! I whip my rugs and I honestly don't mind it. I don't know why but I 'almost' enjoy it!!!

  10. Hi Kim,
    Wow! That is a nice success for your town to raise that much money! Hopefully some day all the research can put an end to the disease!
    Glad you are getting some of your beautiful rugs finished.... whipping isn't my thing either so I sew the binding on mine. Unfortunately I keep putting that off too! I think we creative types just want to hook and design! LOL!
    Hope your summer is going good and your Mom and Auntie are doing good too! Keep the rock tunes going and the pedal ever so lightly to the medal!!!
    Cathy G

  11. That's some impressive fund raising. I like your rugs...and I'm with you on finishing.

  12. That is an impressive amount! What a great town.

  13. Your finishes are beautiful Kim....YEA for you!! I'd have to finish hooking something in order to worry about binding it. But I really like binding - it's so mindless and relaxing....(Maybe I better stop saying that or you and Lauren will be sending me boxes of rugs to bind, hey???) ;o) And, wow - that's a nice healthy sum to have been raised....Woo Hoo!! Hope your week is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin