Sunday, June 10, 2012

Straight ahead or sideways?

Sometimes when you start something you have no idea how it will end.  Will it run smoothly (like the delusions in your head) or go sideways mid way through?   (sideways is most likely)

I finally decided on my next rug hooking project.  And ironically, that piece of wool I showed you in the last post, will not be anywhere in this rug.  Go figure huh!   It will avoid the cutter for now and live to see another project.

I was looking through some old photos I took last summer of some flowers and one of them was always one of my favorites.  It is taken from the back stem angle of the flower, not front on.  So I thought I might try and hook it.

I have this dream of hooking one great abstract rug.  I have tried a couple of other times and given up early on.  The partially completed messes are stuffed behind one of the sofa's, hopefully never to see the light of day.

I'm not sure what possessed me to try again.  Even now as I look at it, I am lost.  I am going to keep going (for now).   I'm sure every abstract project looks bizarre in the early stages.  (Right??)     It probably was a stupid plan to try and get re-inspired with a frustrating project, however I am trying to hold on to the notion that this rug will not go all sideways in my head.  

In the event, after a few more hours of hooking this week, you never see this rug again (or ever hear me mention it again) - you will know it has joined the other flops stuffed behind the sofa.


  1. Well, Kim ~
    You are off to a GREAT start. Love your colors!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I give you credit for being creative and atleast trying! I would have a "back of couch" full if I even thought of doing this. Good luck!

  3. I love what you've started and hope you give it a good go! I've been thinking about ditching the cat paws for abstract but haven't had time to do it. You can inspire me...thanks.

  4. I have ONE hooking project--a Claire Murray rug--tha is about 1/3 completed. I was making it for my mom and dad
    s 50th anniversary, but my dad passed away suddenly and there was no 50th. I have worked on it now and then, but it is hot work and I am middle aged, so basically I end up sweating all over the darn thing. Thans so much for following me---I've been following you for awhile, gathering inspiration!

  5. I think you're right about how abstracts will evolve as they go. Keep on truckin' with it! At least you're hooking...I still need to get something on the frame. Your colors are great!

  6. Hello Kim, it will all work out, to hook or not to hook, that is the question,tee hee. I`m still working on my second little rug, just learnt this Spring, will finish it soon, I keep telling myself. Keep on hooking my friend, Blessings Francine.

  7. Great colors Miss Kim....and that's so funny 'cuz when you were puzzling a few posts ago about a new project, your last abstract adventure popped into my head and I wondered if you had finished it, I missed your finish, or what.... Now I know! Wish I had fun things like that behind my sofa - all I have is dog hair and wayward dog toys covered in dog hair. ;o) Hope your week is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I have never tried abstract but I do think your right it should look fuzzy right?

  9. Wow great design. It is looking good. Can't wait to see it when it is finished. :)

    Have a great Tuesday.

    Take care, Janet W

  10. Absolutely you should do the abstract rug. It would be gorgeous. Honey with your gift for hooking (sorry I could not resist) it will be a work of art as all of your pieces are.
    I look at my starfish everyday and give thanks for you making it for me.

  11. Hi Kim,That kitty looks like Morris! Your rug is going to be pretty! I am off of blogger vacation.Hugs Cheri

  12. Hi Kim, I really like what you are doing. I have hooked the backs of a number of roses but have never done the back of a many petaled flower. I can't wait to see it finished. Keep hooking!
    Love to all from Eloise and me.

  13. Kim,
    Your rug looks very artsy and interesting to me so far! I hope by now you haven't given up on it and given it a chance to evolve! LOVE the colors!!
    I haven't got a thing on the frame right now and it's driving me insane!!
    Hook ON!!
    Big hugs!!
    Cathy G