Friday, May 18, 2012

The Plan must go on

You take a Type A personality and a Plan and that can be a tricky situation.  Especially when something has the potential to threaten the plan. 

I am on Day 1 of my 4 days off.  I have plans for all 4 days.  Sounds perfect, right?   Well what happens when you wake up this morning with a headache?  Day 3 of the same headache, I might add.  But I would not relent with the Plan.  I wanted to go for a drive to Parrsboro.  Our little beach front restaurant re-opened last weekend.  They are only open in the summer.  The best scallop burgers, and I have been dreaming of having one all winter.

I felt like crap when I got up.  I immediate took a couple of pills.  I'm not sure if I actually looked green, but I certainly felt green.  My stomach was not good at all.  Instead of thinking of changing the plan, I instead thought of places along the road where I might have to throw up.  (I know, Type A - crazy)  Auntie came downstairs and looked at me and said "Maybe we should go another day"  (so apparently I did look green)   No, I said we were going - I would be fine soon.  I said just wait a half hour, I will have a cup of tea.   See, if you are from Nova Scotia, the cure-all for everything is a good strong cuppa tea.   Well, the tea plus a couple of digestive cookies and I did start to feel better. 

We headed out as planned.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and the drive was lovely. We arrived at the restaurant, me in total anticipation of the scallop burger.  I scan the menu 3 times.  Its not there......  I ask the waitress and she says its off the menu.  Huh?   My response - you have scallops, you have burger buns......can't you just slap them together??   Well, apparently not.  I feel my day circling the drain again.  Hrmmph,  WHATEVER.   We did stay for lunch, however disappointing as it was.   (Note to self: need to find new restaurant)

Next stop was the lovely Sweet Briar Boutique.  We did manage to pick up a few little treats there.  A cute little summery necklace and a few little goodies for a birthday gift for a friend.   The retail therapy helped brighten my mood :)

Once we got back home and I dropped off the Golden Girls, I went to have a coffee and visit with my friend who owns a downtown boutique.  She says, I owe you money.  YAY!  She sold some of my little hooked pieces.   Nothing puts the hooking mojo back in your spirit like money in your pocket!

So tonight I picked up my hook for the first time in several weeks.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until I pulled those first few loops.    The day ended with hot fudge sundaes at 9:30pm.   You need to be little decadent on vacation days :)


  1. OK. I know what scallops are, but what is a scallop burger?
    I'm glad a little retail therapy helped and congrats on selling some hooked pieces! You'd better get that hook going on a regular basis. Please be sure to share with us what's on the frame.
    Enjoy your next 3 days and I hope you are not the least bit green in the morn.
    Hugs :)

  2. Happy hooking! (no matter how that sounds!)

  3. Kim,
    Sounds like the perfect ending to a wonderful day! Glad you were able to shake the headache and keep the plan! Way to go on the rug sales! It really does give one the incentive to keep on hookin'! But I'm afraid I'd keep on even if I never sold a one! Crazy Huh!
    Cathy G

  4. So sorry you woke up with a long standing headache. Three days honey is to long to have one.
    I could not believe they did not have your burger after you had dreamed of it. Like you said if they sell both why couldn't they fix you one.
    Sorry but I had to laugh about you dropping off the golden girls. I guess that is what my kids call me too. lol
    Hope you have the best adventures on your days off.
    Love ya

  5. Hi kim,There is nothing worse then feeling sick and still trying to have a good time.I am glad the day ended on a high note.Hugs Cheri

  6. yes, a little crafting (and money in your pocket) gets your excitement back!!

  7. What a bummer- headache AND no scallop burger!
    But selling hooked items is ALL good!
    Go with the decadence, it helps relieve headaches and other ills almost as good as the strong cup of tea.

  8. in the morning...eating weird food called "scallop burgers"...icecream at night....You're not pregnant are you? Just kidding! I hope that headache goes need a good Chiropractor (like my hubby!). P.S..congrats on getting paid to be a hooker! Have a really good weekend and enjoy your mini vacation.

  9. Hi Kim,

    Sure sorry you woke up feeling yuckie. Not the best way to start a day off. And I am sure glad that you felt better later and could go out. Gosh, what a bummer that they didn't have your scallop burgers. Especially since you'd been dreaming about having one all winter. (what's a scallop burger?)

    Yayyy for selling and getting some cash. A nice surprise.

    Yummmmmmm hot fudge sundaes. I'm jealous lol :)

    I hope you feel great from now on and enjoy your days off.

    Take care, Janet W (hugs)

  10. OMG Kim, what's with you and colors these days. That's what you get with reading 50 Shades of Grey, first you turn shades of red now you turn shades of green. What's next. Sorry, I got the giggle as I'm typing this.

    I think that your brain has a sixth sense and knew that there was no scallop burgers at that restaurant and it gave you a headache to stop you from going.

    I'm glad that you are strong will (stubborn) and went on your trip anyway. You can make your own scallop burgers anyway I'm sure. Just get fresh scallops and burger buns and slap them together....hahaha

    CONGRATULATIONS on selling your hooked pieces. It must feel great.

    I hope that you and the Golden Girls have a great Victoria Day long weekend.
    Hugs to all of you and little Millie too...

  11. I hope you feel tons better now. I had to laugh, because I do the same thing, plan my trip according to where the bathrooms are when I feel yucky, instead of staying home.
    I am so glad you got some money and that you got to pull loops.
    It does help so much. I hope day two is a great day!

  12. Don't you hate when a restaurant takes off the one thing you love to eat there. Glad you were able to end the day on a sugar high.

  13. I bet you look good in green....especially with that olive-toned skin of yours.... ;o) OK, OK....sorry! Really - a scallop BURGER??? Hmmmm....I never.... I'm not a scallop fan - altho my hubby loves them....but would never think of making a burger out of them. And, yeah - so hear you on the Type A personality and plan quandary. Hope the rest of your vacation days go a bit more smoothly. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin