Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a little random

There has been so much going on lately.  Both at work and at home. Unfortunately none of it is blog-able.    Sometime when I win the lottery and retire to a private tropical island, I'm going to write a book.  Sure thing bestseller! 

So instead you get my random thoughts today.  I tried to post last night but the second I opened up blogger, my mind went blank. 

Today was my Friday.  I have 4 days off in a row!  And as a bonus, the weather forecast is looking fabulous.  I think a little roadtrip might be in order tomorrow.

Today Auntie went out to lunch downtown with a friend.  When she got home she was laughing and told me the Cafe was packed.  She asked the waitress what was going on and she replied "Oh, they're all Hookers".   Now a few years ago, before I took up this craft, my dear prudish Auntie would have recoiled in horror.  But now that she is used to having "hookers" around, she just laughed and said "Oh Deanne must be having a class"

I'm reading Fifty Shades of Gray.  I'm blushing.  It is scandalous.  The critics said it was fairly explicit.  THAT was the understatement of the year.  (Still blushing)

For the next week or two, I will be trying to avoid going out after dark.  The June Bugs are insane this year.  Tuesday night poor Millie and I were under serious attack by those creepy hard shelled demons.  I have this fear of them getting stuck in my hair.  Millie is not a fan either.  She did not waste a minute doing her business.  It was in and out in record time.

Well, I feel that mind-blank thing happening again.  That's all for now.


  1. I hate June bugs. We used to get a lot of them up by the stables when I had horses, and they would just drive you nuts flying around and bombing into you. But they're better than horseflies.

  2. I'm jealous of your x-long, long weekend, but I am looking forward to having an extra day. Funny you should mention 50 shades - I picked it up yesterday in anticipation of getting all of my work/prep done for the big event next weekend. Don't want anything like lack of a good book to keep me from laying about and relaxing....LOL!

  3. Love the hooking comment by the waitress to funny!!

  4. We get june bugs disgusting! Have a wonderful weekend. I need a road trip..but alas, I'm stuck at home. The weather will be nice here too so I'll be busy doing yard work but it does beat being cooped up in the operating room!

  5. Hi Kim, Your not the only one I am running out of thoughts. I hate bugs we have big black ones that follow you around when you water.

  6. So you're turning shades of red reading 50 Shades of Grey. That's enough to give you blogger's block, hahaha.... Are you getting your money's worth?

    Life seems to take some strange twists sometimes and it 's all part of the journey. Write it all down before you forget, it will make for good reading later on.

    The hooker comment is too funny. I can see the headline. Hookers Are Taking Amherst Restaurant By Storm.

    I'm glad that you got some time off, I think that you could use it about now.

    Take care and have a great free weekend.

    Hugs, JB

  7. soo is it a book you dont want to put down or do ya have to put it down and recoop!? i love being called a hooker but sure get some funny looks in this small town! scandalous!i live each day knowing i can only do so much and tomorrows another day! and i always hope i have something to talk about tomorrow! i dont think we have june bugs up here.. we have wood tics which are disgusting~ enjoy your evening!

  8. I will be on that Island reading 50 shades of gray. I am waiting for it to be traded into the store.
    we had june bugs stuck all over our screen door because we left the light on yeck.

  9. Please win the lottery and start writing! I need some good exciting reading material.
    Yuck to June bugs! Hope if you take a road trip it will be in the opposite direction from the insect plague.
    Have a delightful long weekend.

  10. I've heard about that book! Bet you could write one to rival it! LOL! Enjoy those wonderful days off! Don't you hate the sound of those J bugs hitting the windows at night! Really creeps me out too..... poor little millie!
    Cathy G

  11. Hi Kim,

    YAYYYYYY!! A four day weekend. That will be great. I hope you can have your road trip to a nice place.

    Funny hooker comment. LOL

    Now as to June Bugs. Yuck, I am so not a bug lover. I am not sure what those are. Maybe I will know now. We lived in Arizona for a while and in the summer there were theses bugs. I didn't get close enough to see what they looked like. Only that they would sometimes dive bomb me. And most of the time. They would glue themselves to the side of the house and BUZZZZZZZZZ. Seemed like this buzzing noise was 24/7 for at least a month. Very annoying. Is that them??

    How about this for gross....Sewer Roaches or Beetles. Yuck. Big nasty hard shelled things that don't die when you step on them. I tried that once and freaked out cause it still came at me. One even went after my baby that was on a blanket on the floor. I had to go to a neighbor and get him to come kill husband was at work I guess. They are horribly big. (Shivers). We moved from that place as soon as we could.

    Ok no more bug talk. Speaking of running out of things to blog about..I am there too. Not sure what to do about it. Just keep thinking I guess. My goodness wasn't planning on writing a book here. LOL

    Well, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Take care, Janet W

  12. There is so much buzz about this book. I can't wait to read it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Kim I am so happy you have a long weekend! Last summer we had the locust plague and they drove me to distraction not to mention what they did to our trees. I'm still thinking about buying Fifty Shades. Enjoy your weekend and roadtrip!

  14. Sounds like your long weekend has shown up just in time. I hope things settle down for you soon. Just try to keep your thoughts positive and stay in the now. This too shall pass.

    I've heard about that book. Haven't had the nerve to buy it yet. The 'hooker' tale is hilarious! The bugs here that drive us nuts are the gnats. I hate those things. Oh, and mosquitoes. I love the rain, but...good with the bad I suppose!

    Enjoy your long weekend to the fullest!

  15. I hope you have a really great day!! Oh, I hate June bugs too. Though they don't seem to be that bad here this year. I have a fear of them getting in my hair too.
    I love it that there are lots of hookers at the cafe. That is so fun, I wish I was one of them.
    Well have a wonderful day. Do fun things and take a road trip. :)

  16. Well I don't know what is going on but I hope things get better. Enjoy your trip and get away from the bugs! sandie

  17. Kim ~
    Lucky you a four day weekend! I hope you have time for your road trip and lots of time to kick back and relax. It sounds like you need it!
    Hugs :)

  18. Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww - I hate June bugs - they are so gross! Enjoy your days off!

  19. Woo Hoo - 4 days off in a row! Yes!! Hope you enjoy - I'm thinking you more than deserve it.... Ick on the June bugs....ours haven't arrived yet, but I'm sure they will....but I almost prefer them over their larva/grub counterparts. DISGUSTING!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin