Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Tradition

Traditions are important.  Especially now with the world changing at such a rapid rate, it is nice to have something to hold on to, something familiar.

Traditions remind us of another time.  A ritual that you can rely on.  You know I'm an old fashioned gal who likes to hold on and honor traditions.  I'm sure we all have family traditions that we cherish and look forward to each year. 

New Shoes on Budget Day!!   Got ya......Lol 

New shoes on budget day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New shoes on budget day is an unusual tradition among Canadian Ministers of Finance. The tradition holds that the Minister of Finance should purchase or wear new shoes when the budget is delivered.
The exact origins of this tradition are not known. The observance of this tradition has been inconsistent among federal ministers; indeed, for two or three finance ministers, this tradition only holds if "new shoes" is interpreted to mean "new footwear". It also makes appearances among provincial finance ministers.

Well, we are not federal or provincial - we are municipal.  And I am not a finance minister.  BUT why should they get all the fun?   Why should they get to buy new shoes?  Plus, men's shoes are kind of ugly.

I see no reason why I should not participate in this fine old tradition today, as we (finally) approve our Budget this afternoon.

So today I am wearing my pretty new "budget" shoes.   (Please ignore the cankles)


  1. Well I think that is a great idea! Any day to wear red shoes is great. You are so funny. I hope you have a really nice day today. Almost Bday girl! :)
    Yay for traditions!

  2. Good for you Kim on starting this tradition for you own municipality. Who knows, it might just catch on especially with shoes this nice. It's a nice birthday gift to self in any case.
    By the way, your canckles are lovely.

    Have a great day. JB

  3. Me likey! :-) I'm looking forward to being able to bare my tootsies after my pedi tomorrow...
    hello summer!

  4. Hi Kim, Cute shoes and what a fun tradition. I am off to friends house to rug hook but have nothing to hook yet. I am going to bounce ideas off for my next rug.Hugs Cheri

  5. Well, you know what they say - if the shoe fits....Sorry...couldn't resist. What's not to love about red shoes (and perfectly matched toenail polish???) In recognition of my Canadian neighbors, I may just adopt this practice when I get around to balancing my checkbook (not to worry - it doesn't happen very often!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. We are going to Canada this weekend, and that in itself seems like reason to join the tradition!

  7. Great tradition...well anything that has new shoes is great! I love your pick...they look fab!

  8. Oooohhhh - pretty red shoes! I think it sounds like a fine tradition that you should follow every year!

  9. I know it's not until tomorrow but. . . . .

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Kim, Happy Birthday to you!

    Might as well start celebrating now!

  10. i love your hooking and your scallop burger makes me hungry. never had one before. and i hear you have a birthday to celebrate!! enjoy!

  11. RED is my favorite shoe color! I wish I could wear heels - love yours.

  12. I love red shoes - and those are some particularly sassy ones to go with that sassy pedicure!

  13. You go Girl in your red sexy shoes.
    Looks like their not the only one that follows tradition.
    Love ya

  14. It's your patriotic duty to take advantage of such a fine tradition! Hope the Ministers of Finance aren't wearing anything quite that racy! hehehe!!!

  15. Oh but I LOVE those shoes! I have to go shopping for some to wear to this dang wedding this weekend. I have some that would be perfect but, apparently, I lose weight in my feet as well as other places so, every time I take a step, the shoes fall off. LOL

  16. wow wow oh wow! those are some pretty shoes and toes to go with it.
    good for you for getting new shoes for budget day.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend. I meant to come by here earlier but it's been a very busty day and taking care of her Majesty. I put her on my desk and she walked on my laptop and made my comment disappear.

    I hope that you are having a great birthday with co-workers, friends and family.

    Hugs, JB


  18. Happy Birthday Kim!!!!Love, Love, Love the reds shoes! Your friends from Maine-Julie and Winslow Homer.