Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Music to soothe the savage beast

They say that music can soothe the savage beast.  I admit to believing that concept.....until tonight.

You know I have been very busy at work recently and am struggling to stay caught up.  I went in to work last night and it was so quiet and peaceful and I got a lot accomplished. 

So I thought I would do the same tonight.  As I arrived I remembered there was a reception being held in the first floor lobby.  Its OK I thought, I'm on the 2nd floor.

They were so loud I could hear them in my office.   Clapping, cheering, giving speeches.  I tried to focus but it was a bit annoying.  Then a coworker comes upstairs and says he's leaving because they are starting karaoke.  I thought it was a joke.

Then it started - for real - and loud.  I suffered through Hotel California, the Village People's YMCA, and then they started doing Whitney.   That was the straw that broke the camels back.   I had become the Savage Beast and that noise was NOT soothing me.

It's bad enough to have to go in to work after-hours, but try to be productive while listening to bad karaoke!!  The Savage Beast came home. 

Later tonight I will try to forget the gawd awful songs I heard while I watch the elimination episode of Dancing with the Stars.   I really think it is time to send Melissa Gilbert back the Prairie.  (fingers crossed)  This show is a guilty pleasure.  And this year I have been having fun with a group of hilarious women on facebook.  Sweet Alice from the blog A Day in the Life has been hosting a little DWTS fun during each show.  There is a bunch of ladies from Canada and the US and the comments are just hysterical.  It can get to be a no-holds-barred critique from some very clever and funny gals.


  1. I really need to let a little DWTS into my life! That karaoke torture sounds awful!

  2. well enjoy your time and the show. Goodness knows you have earned it. So sorry that you had to listen to that kind of stuff.
    I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Ugh, Karaoke..Would have had a migraine for sure. DWTS, I seem to have lost interest, not quite sure why...Ah, don't pick on Half Pint! LOL...

  4. Oh Kim. I don't know what to say. Nothing worst than having to listen to bad singing. Worst than having to listen to a cat in heat. Hope that tomorrow will be better.

    Sorry I couldn't join you on DWTS but I know that you are in good company with the blogger girls. Hope that you can get caught up in your extra work. Hugs. JB

  5. oh I am not sure I could have sat through hotel california karaoke.

  6. I would have run screaming for the hills!!

  7. Oh my goodness, I really would have lost it. And ran screaming for the hills too.

    Haven't seen DWTS this season. Only knew that Melissa went to the hospital a while back. Didn't know she was still in it. Is it getting down toward the end?

    I hope tomorrow is better. :)

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  8. Yikes - Karaoke!

    Soooooooooo glad Melissa went home last night on DWTS - should have happened weeks ago! The last 4 couples are so good - tough to see one of them eliminated!

  9. Bad kareoke...GAH! I agree about Melissa Gilbert - Half Pint needed to go. I felt bad that Roshan went - I thought he was quite good, but I could tell that the judges never really liked him all that much. Not sure why. The ones that are left are all so good! For some reason everyone seems to like the Cuban guy but not me. His head is too small and it annoys me. Can't figure out why everyone loves him so much. It's been a good season though! (Unlike last season with Chaz Bono...)

  10. I agree with DWTS comments about Melissa Gilbert...my hubby always called that show "Little Fairies On The Prairie"..funny guy. I know what you mean about the music. I work in an operating room and the music can get crazy at times. One Doc in particular loves heavy metal music and wants it blasting..hard to hear, hard to put up with for 8hrs. I'm always so glad to hit the road home and I usually just sit in my car and enjoy total peace and quiet the whole way home. Music is not always soothing to the soul!

  11. Oh, Kim ~ once again you make me laugh! I'm not a big fan of karaoke either ~ those people can make your ears bleed! In regard to DWTS, it is the funniest bunch of women (and John) that say the craziest things! It's been hilarious! See you Monday nite!

  12. Ewwwww.....You have my deepest sympathies.....There's something about bad karaoke - it doesn't get better the farther you are away from it either. Usually the only thing that makes any kind of karaoke sound good is lots and lots of alcohol. ;o) Robin