Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

The word of the day is ..... Stink-eye

 stink eye

Part of Speech: n

Definition: a facial expression of distrust, disdain, or disapproval; also called skunk eye, hairy eyeball

Example: When he kept me waiting, I gave him the stink eye.

Etymology: 1962

All last night I anticipated the Stink-eye.  I knew it was coming.  This morning was the new "Monthly Management Meeting" at work.   I was dreading it (for good reason).  First I must preface by saying that I have a great Boss.  Really, I'm not kidding here. 

BUT (there's always a but) he is a bit of a work-a-holic and ridiculously organized, efficient and always totally prepared.  The rest of the management team have been having trouble keeping up with him.  This is a particularly busy year for capital projects etc and we are all maxed out.  So preparing the level of detail for the reports he was requiring had us all wound up yesterday.

I knew I was not totally prepared and I did not want to get the Stink-eye.  Have you ever got the Stink-eye from your boss??   It sucks.    I did get the old hairy eyeball but much sooner than I anticipated.  It was 5 minutes to nine and I was setting up my laptop in the meeting room.  We have a projector so our documents can be displayed on the wall for everyone to see.  I was all anxious and nervous and dag-nabbit, the projector wouldn't work.  Oh no I think - this is not good, starting off with a problem.  I dialed the tech officer's cell answer.  Crap.   I dial her answer.  Nooooooo.  I go out to the receptionist and tell them to find someone and get them in here now!  I continue to try and connect and just get an error message.  Then the boss, who is sitting right in front of me, asks if I am ready to start.  I frustratedly confess that I can't get the projector to work - its broken.

Then there it was.............................

He looked at me and said.................."Ummm, you might want to plug the cable into your laptop."  OMG I got so wound up waiting for my report to get ripped to shreds I didn't connect the cable.  I was so mortified and then the nervous giggle burst out.  He was laughing by this time too.   Then I quietly called the receptionist and whispered "cancel tech support".   

Actually that little incident did calm me down a bit and whether it is good or bad - no one escaped the Stink-eye.  I was not alone.  


  1. I could feel your stress! Nothing worse then having Tech problems. Glad it turned out o.k. with a simple solution. Whew! Cheri

  2. Oh My!!! That got me laughing! I love the Stink-Eye pictures!
    Isn't it amazing the stupid things that can happen when you're stressed. At least the boss laughed.

  3. Whew! You had me worried there! Your boss must have a good sense of humor!
    Isn't there a drink called hairy eyeball? Maybe you need one after a day like this?
    Hope the rest of your week is more calm!
    Cathy G

  4. As I was reading this post, my husband was reading over my shoulder laughing. I imagine he has to deal with stink eye all of the time. I only have to do it when dinner isn't cooked.
    I loved your pictures.
    So glad today is over for you. Great word of the week.

  5. Right now we're switching to all computerized charting at our hospital..I think I've given the stink eye and I've seen that look floating around here often! I'd never heard that expression Mom always called it the "hairy eyeball", but I do like your version!

  6. Kim ~
    That sounds like something I would do!!! Oh, how I hate the stink eye. I'm glad your boss has a sense of humor!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Kim I just get all giddy when I get to use "stink eye" in a sentence. I am not sure but I think I first heard stink eye in the movie Juno. Man I love that movie. I am sorry you got the stink eye but it is a great word of the week!

  8. Kim you may have gotten the stink eye but at least you were on time and that should count.

    Today I thought it was the 14th and proceeded to get my Pay Roll deductions ready and pay it on- line but it told me that I was a day late. Yikes!, I lost a day somewhere this week. I had three late payments this eek and will pay penalty for late payments. I gave myself the stink eye. lol.. it's only money, right? Have a great week. JB

  9. My nephew tells me that I am the champion at giving the stink eye. I just smile and say “thank you.” I can make a misbehaving child in a store stand quietly like a zombie next to their parents until they leave the store. I can stifle a relentlessly obnoxious person at the next table in a restaurant with one look. A rude store clerk can be completely discombobulated with the stink eye and then quick as a chameleon, change into someone helpful. Repairs on your car get completed more quickly. It’s not balderdash! The ferocious power of the stink eye must be appreciated! The goal is not to demolish or obliterate the stink eye receiver. You just want to make them feel like a loser for a moment and then do whatever it is you want them do. My nephews and nieces anticipate the stink eye when they know they are giving me a migraine. They grope through their little bag of tricks to be vindictive but they are delusional. They are no match for the master of the stink eye! They must be loopy if they think they can pull one over on their Auntie M. I just whip them into shape and then the hoopla begins when they go back to their parents! :)

  10. Ooh the old stink eye! I am pretty good at giving it. But I have surely recieve the stink eye from my boss. When you were describing your boss I was wondering if you worked for my boss she works as assistant director of a large non profit has her own 2 resale stores and is on every committee in the area. has no patience for anyone who does not have her work ethic. I on the other hand want to work my time give my best and call it a day. So that is why I get the stink eye now and again:)

  11. Too, too, funny Kim (I'm sure not at the time to you, but I see you've found your perspective...) In these parts, we call it the "skunk eye" - and I have been accused, by my staff, family and friends, of being an expert at delivery of one said "skunk eye." (I truly can relate to Michelle's hysterical accounts of its usefulness....!) But, hey - what's a Cranky Crow without a mean skunk eye??! Smiles & Hugs (& glad it's behind ya....) Robin

  12. Oh how funny! Sorry...not laughing at you, am laughing with you!! Sounds like something that would happen to me!

  13. Bosses! I hate working tech equipment! It always goes wonky!

  14. Kim, that is an expression I have never heard, but the look I certainly understand.
    Happy things turned out well.

  15. I love Stink Eye and use it on a regular basis! LOL

  16. I use it a lot, especially when speaking of one of my roosters. He's always giving me the ol' stink eye! Loved your stink eye story! ;) Tammy

  17. I haven't heard that expression in a long time. You are too funny. I have given the stink eye to my kids on many an occasion.