Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Leftovers

There wasn't a lot of exciting activities this weekend to put in a blog post so instead you get random ramblings.

I didn't get to the Garden Centre this weekend so a few more plants get to live another day. Haha  I have a couple of days off in the middle of the week so I'll do it then.  I didn't have the ambition to dig in the dirt today. 

I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and can't put it down.  I'm almost finished.  I spent most of the afternoon reading.  It was so relaxing but now I feel like I wasted an afternoon by getting nothing done.  But, then again, chores can always wait another day.

We were having company for supper.  So I put a big roast in the oven and late afternoon peeled all the vegetables.  I just finished peeling when the phone rang and they cancelled.   But by then it was too late so I guess we will be having leftovers for a few days.   Since the weather is getting nicer it will probably be the last big meal I prepare for awhile.  Soon it will be easy salads and bbq's.

I did get some more hooked on my rug but I'm almost to the point where I am stuck.  I think I may have to take some pictures and ask you all for some suggestions.  I don't have a clue what to do with the middle section.  No pictures tonight though as I am charging the camera battery.  Tuesday night is my first night of the 6 week photography class I signed up to take.  I'm excited.

I found a great new iPad app tonight - FlipBoard.   And it was free - even better!  I think it is one of my favorites and it a great option for Google Reader.  The blogs come up magazine style.  If you have an iPad, check it out.

Thats enough random ramblings for tonight. 


  1. Kim ~
    My chores always wait for me, too. The chore fairy never comes to my house.
    I hope your week starts off smoothly!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I had one of those days too, I was lazy. I picked up my rug and decided I was just to tired. I hope you have nice week and your days off in the middle of the week are good.

  3. I'll be over for left-over pot roast! Sounds wonderful!! Hope your week is great and you feel more ambitious that I do!!

  4. Just thinking about hooking a few worms....hmmmmm....maybe not....The Killing is on....and that deserves undivided attention. You go Techy Girl....What's an iPad? ;o) Have a great week! Smiles & Big Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Sometimes those quiet, rest and do "not much" weekends are the best! Have a great week. Oh, I read "The Help" last year and loved it. I'm hoping the movie that's coming out soon is as good.

  6. Reading is NEVER a waste of time! It comes under the category of Improving Your Mind, and is a great alternative to all kinds of house work and boring chores. In fact, it's my drug of choice.
    Have fun with the photography class. Can't wait to see the results!

  7. HiKim, Sundays are a day to relax
    regroup and do this and that. I love to read I am enjoying reading The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. Boy that book is interesting.

  8. Robin I know what an i-pad is (don't have one but do know what it is ;o) but what is a worm??

  9. I read that book last summer and really loved it. and you are right chores will wait.
    have fun in your class.

  10. Kim, having left over is always nice and there's so much you can do with left over roast.

    I went to the public Library to borrow The Help and the librarian said that there were 60 names on the waiting list so I know that it's a good book. I was going to buy it but came upon Heaven is for Real and bought that one and totally forgot to buy The Help.

    I hope that you will learn new tricks with your camera. Have fun. Let the chores go for a while, they still will be there when you come back to them. Have a great week. JB

  11. A photography class sound like lots of fun and knowledge. You will be great at it.
    I loved The Help. Heaven is real is also on my list.

  12. Leftovers rock!

    Boy, Flipboard sounds really cool. Don't have an iPad (sniff, sniff). Looking forward to seeing how you're "stuck", I love seeing what everyone else is working on. No hookers out here.

  13. I loved the Help, Kim, it was such a good book. Enjoyed our class tonight and the key lime,

  14. I'll have to check out that book...I'll need some good reading when things calm down.
    Pot roast is the best!