Sunday, June 19, 2011

Claws and paws

Nothing says summer like fresh lobster.  In fact I waiting while they were being cooked.  I got them 20 minutes out of the pot.  Doesn't get much fresher than that, does it?

I made a small potato salad, an artichoke and hearts of palm salad and a big bowl of melted butter for dipping. 

Mmmmmm, yummy.  And there is enough for leftovers tomorrow too.

The only problem is it's not garbage pick-up week so now I have to find a "creative and non-illegal" way to dispose of the shells.  Trust me - lobster shells left for 2 weeks in warm weather would not be fun.

I want to show you the visitor we had this morning.  It appears he (or she) decided that our backyard was a buffet or something.
I'm not sure but I think it is a muskrat.  There is a small creek that runs down the hill behind our house.  He was still wet so I think that is where he came from.
He was not the least bit concerned with me.  In fact, he was either posing for the camera or telling me to not disturb him. 
 He is kind of cute until I noticed a few holes dug in the back yard as I was trying to sneak around and get his picture.  After seeing the holes - and putting 2 and 2 together, he started to look less cute and more like a varmit.

He continued to ignore me and eat his breakfast of leaves.  And that is when my attention slowly drifted to the right.........and I noticed a different kind of leaves.......
My SUNFLOWER.   If  Mr. Varmit thinks he is getting a gourmet dessert by munching on my lone sunflower sprout - he has another thing coming.    If he touches it, his days are numbered.  I will show no mercy to defend my baby sprout.  

Consider yourself warned Mr. Muskrat


  1. Oh Kim!
    Whatever happened to Muscrat Love?! He is cute in a varmint kind of way! Great photos! Better move the sunflower baby to safer ground!
    Cathy G

  2. Mmm your dinner sounds wonderful! Mr. Muscrat sure was brazen wasn't he!

  3. Kim, That's a groundhog and they tunnel under ground and they love lettuce and will eat your green stuff from your garden, will eat your sunflower sprouts for sure.

    He probably looks wet because the grass was wet early in the morning.Try to get a trap from the Natural Resources Department. They guys can really make major damage to your yard.

    I'm so jealous that you are feasting on fresh lobster, my mouth is drooling.

    What a cute planter for your sunflower sprout. Protect it with your life.

    If I was you I would put bullets in the camera when you shot. JB

  4. I mean when you shoot, lol.. JB

  5. Nice shot for your photography class assignment. JB

  6. Honey, you had better relocate that one lonely sunflower to higher ground.. that varmit will devour it for sure! I say LOCK and LOAD!! Have a great Monday, hugs Julie.

  7. Hide the sunflower! Too close to the ground and an easy nibble. I love the photos very good and the lobster I am jealous!!! I am having stuffed peppers tonight.bummer Enjoy your meal Cheri

  8. Lol at Orange Sink and her Muskrat Love!!

    We have one too that lives under our playhouse. It IS cute but they do love the green stuff.

    Enjoy the lobster...I'm green too, sitting here envious!

  9. Arrggghhh!! I'm laughing my butt off and my tummy is rumbling and growling at the same time!! Too, too, funny!!! (But, I must say, you got some awesome photos for a future homework assignment!!) I had one of those critters try to take the screen off my window and come inside. Yikes!! He should've known better....I don't stock greens in my frig!! ;o) Sprout is looking loverly!!! Hope springs eternal! Maybe there's hope for my lemon balm....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Kim ~
    Can I come for some lobster? Yum! You can throw all the shells in a plastic bag and put in the freezer until trash day. That should work.
    LOVE your groundhog shots. (And you might want to take a shot at him...hehe!)
    Pug hugs :)

  11. I would say take your frog and sunflower and run for the hills. Somewhere save, that little furry dude looks hungry. Very good pictures though, and wow your lobsters looks wonderful!!

  12. lol! You're crackin ' me up! They are all varmits... I don't care how cute they are! lol!We have bunnies that eat everythin gleafy... and make big holes in the lawn... can't scare them away for nothing either... That froggie planter makes me smile! So cute! And the lobster... oh YUM!

  13. Kim I see those lobsters and think of that scene in Julie and Julia :) They look delicious! The critters have been driving us to distraction this Spring. I am with you on "no mercy" to defend your baby sprout. The grey squirrel babies dug up three large pots of purple petunias I took hours planting. Angry doesn't even begin to adequately describe my feelings. All those beautiful purple flowers spread all over the yard. Grrrrr.

  14. Kim I just read Julie's comment and I'm with her! You know CH has been known to use a ruger out of desperation with the moles!

  15. for the Lobster shells, put them in the freezer and take them out on garbage day.

    live trap that little guy and bring he to the woods, he doesn't know the different between a weed and your tasting SunFlower

  16. Ooh! Lobster! My favorite! I'll be right over! You are going to have to guard the little sunflower baby well...that muskrat looks like he'll take no prisoners.

  17. Yep... it's a groundhog. We had one a couple of months ago across the road... it attacked a neighborhood dog and was found to have rabies by the health dept. eeks!