Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

I think this is an appropriate choice for this edition of the Word of the Week.....

hoop·la    [hoop-lah]
–noun Informal .

1. bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabaloo; to-do.

2. sensational publicity; ballyhoo.

The past week has been nothing but HOOPLA over one particular event.........

If you didn't guess the Royal Hoopla Wedding then you must be living under a rock.  It is everywhere.  And I hate to admit it but I am oddly fascinated with it myself.  Not enough to get up at 3am to watch the TV coverage of it though.  I will be content to watch the 4,000 or so highlight clips of it that will run ALL DAY.

I suppose I have a soft spot for William.  We watched him grow up, suffer the devastating loss of his mother, and develop into what appears to be a lovely young man.  I hope he is happy.

But you know it veers into hoopla territory when you see some of the wedding souvenirs being peddled.....
Here is just a sampling....
A mug or a key chain --- relatively tame and respectable
Starting to get a bit more into Hoopla zone - Will and Kate fingernails.......

And you know it is full blown Hoopla when you get your own commemorative underwear.....
(Mildly disturbing)
Our local dollar store has sold out of toy tiara's

So, I ask you....are you all caught up in this Royal Hoopla??  A friend posted an interesting question on facebook yesterday with some very amusing responses, so I will ask you the same question to see what your clever responses might be........

What are you wearing to the Royal Wedding??


  1. Hi Kim great word for this week. I will obviously be wearing my pajamas and sleeping because I too will not be getting up at that hour to watch the hoopla.
    Living in the US the hoopla has been a little lighter than I expect it is in Canada and for sure in Britain. However I may just have to get me some of those UK underwear... OOHH BABY... just kidding...
    Have a great Week!

  2. What Royal Wedding???

    Can someone please help me lift this rock off my back???

  3. Pajamas. I'm very happy that the royal couple is happy... and I am sure they will do a lot of good for the world. However, I don't really feel the need to watch the wedding or the ceremony or the 4,000 highlight clips that will follow... mildly curious of what the wedding dress will look like... that's about it.

    I can say that it is honestly very refreshing to have something positive fill the media for awhile though! :-)

  4. Oh! I love the Sunflower Watch you posted in the sidebar!!!!! :-)

  5. That underwear IS truly disturbing. YIKES! Given the timing of the RW, I am declining to answer your question on the grounds of self- incrimination (or, at least, severe embarassment)! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  6. I shall be very chic in a Micky Mouse Tee and bare feet! I did love Diana and Charles's wedding and do hope that this couple will be much happier and live a useful life.

    I agree that the publicity tokens of the day are disturbing - I wonder why there aren't some caps put on what you can sell?

  7. Well, I guess I am a ole fuddy-duddy, because I wasn't interested when Diana married Charles and I really am not that interested in this one. I think it is way to overblown. But that is just me. I think I feel sorry for that poor girl can you imagine having her inlaws?

  8. I love the word hoopla. When you don't have words to describe something you can use hoopla. Covers about anything.

    Nope, won't be getting up at 2am to watch a wedding. I need my beauty sleep. Beside I am like the others, I will just watch the 4,000 reruns about it. It's just a wedding for heavens sake. And he isn't King yet.

  9. When Diana married Charles I worked at a bed and breakfast called "The Windsor House". Need I say more? We watched that puppy about two dozen times. I did have a very odd, soft spot for Di, I really don't know how to explain it. I am mildly interested...but, I too, will have on pjs. I like pomp and circumstance I'm a sucker for the wedding. Plus, I used to be a closet Anglophile. I'm happy to say I outgrew that! I think it was the afternoon tea and crumpets that sold me!

  10. Right on Kim, Hoopla indeed... I've never been one for pomp and circumstance and spending money frivolously... except on wool maybe, lol... and although it may be good for the economy, I can't justify all the spending that is wasted on this wedding with all the countless preparations and oversea trips and hotel bills people are spending their money on while some people have a hard time making ends meet and putting food on the table for their families and are suffering with an uncertain future.

    I wish them well and a long marriage but really my dear, I don't care. I will not go out of my way to watch all the hoopla other than watch it on the news.

    Those nails makes me cringe,... yuck... and people are stupid enough to buy them... The underwear is a bit too much too or should I say lack of it... lol...

    I have nothing against people who like all this hoopla but it's not for me.

    Right now I've had about all I can take of Royal Wedding and Federal election ranting. I don't even know who to vote for anymore.

    On another note we have something else to watch for. We are on a flood watch by the weekend. Now that may be more of interest to me because I have a lot at stake here. Don't I sound like an old sour puss..? he,he.... Have a lovely Thursday. JB

  11. Even though the news coverage has been relentless and some find it all migraine inducing balderdash, I am greatly anticipating the hoopla! What loopy fun! The people who have been camping out for days are a little delusional and they may be discombobulated or zombie-like on Friday morning. WHATEVER! Weddings tend to obliterate sadness and allow attendees to grope for hope and happiness. Let's hope no one decides to be vindictive and disrupt the festivities. And let's hope bride or groom doesn't turn into a loser after all of this hoopla. I for one, would like to be a chameleon at the wedding so I see everything and demolish a slice of cake!

    (Pretty sure I won't be up at 3am to watch but will be wearing something comfy when I do watch with a cup of coffee. I wish I had a wedding hat!)

  12. Hoopla is a great word Kim! I find it interesting only because it's history being made. However all the hoopla that was made over the groom's mother eventually helped to end her life so tragically. I really hope that this couple can live their lives and carry out some good for the world where Diana would have had she lived.
    So I will wear what I usually do at the hour in which the Royal Couple become husband and wife. A worn out nightie.
    Cathy G

  13. I will be wearing my pj's, but Tuesday will be in Full Princess Dress! She is obsessed with this Hoopla!!!

    I kinda like those nails...

  14. Great word, Kim.
    I really don't care ~ at all. I just hope they will be happy.
    Hugs :)

  15. Great post Kim. It is exactly that and more but like you most of it have fallen for William. I too hope he is happy.
    I can't imagine having a wedding or anything like these two are going to have Friday.
    I want be getting up for it either. Unless of course I am already awake.
    Things are too crazy around here but what else is new with me.
    Hope your well
    Love ya

  16. I will be wearing my best pj's with my hair in a devil may care arrangement. or also known a bed head. I may slep down to the coffee pot at 4am to watch depends on how early I got to bed.
    I do feel sorry for them it seems they can not escape it lets hope they are happier than his parents were. I am sick of the hoopla and rarely turn the tv on oh I may watch extreme couponing:0)tonight

  17. Hi Kim, Well I will be in my birthday suit snoozin.LOl! I find it interesting but not enough to stay up.I have a busy day so I will watch it when I get home.I like the hoopla it's a nice diversion. Cheri

  18. Great comments, as usual. I should tell you I will be wearing my Royal PJ's----frogs wearing crowns!

  19. Kim, I want to see your Hoopla frogs wearing gowns PJ's ... JB

  20. Funny!! And I WILL watch. I love a princess. But will be glad when the HOOP-LA is over too! Enough is enough. Can't wait to see the pics when they have kids though. Am I a softy or what??