Friday, April 15, 2011

Party Time

Today is Mom's birthday.  I invited several of her friends to supper
at a small family restaurant in a nearby town.

I wasn't very good at getting pictures of everyone but here are a few
I called ahead and got the little private side room because it is
less confusing for Mom.  She was in a good mood today
so we had a great time.
This is Mom and her best friend Alice (middle).  Alice still takes Mom
out for a little drive every Friday afternoon.  She is an angel.
They brought a cake to the table and sang to her.  I didn't get a picture but it was
a giant chocolate cake with boiled icing. 

I didn't really need to order a 2nd cake but I did get one for home too.  I invited everyone
back to the house for tea.

It was a good night.  Here is a pic of me and Mom with her cake.  As you can see, by this point she was tired and not in the mood for a photo session.  We couldn't coax a smile out of her at all.



  1. You have made such a wonderful day for your Mom.
    HAppy 'birthday to her!!!

  2. What a nice celebration! I love a cake with boiled icing. My mom used to make me a cake like that! Happy Birthday to your Mom from all of us at Sassafras and Winterberry!

  3. What a wonderful daughter you are that you did this! And I agree with Courtney...boiled icing, my fav! Yum! She may not be smiling but she is on the inside. Love seeing YOU in the pics!! You are a s.p.e.c.i.a.l person Kim!!!

  4. What a wonderful birthday for your mom. You are a wonderful daughter. I know things are hard for you but just think of all the memories you will have. Keep smiling.

  5. Happy Birthday to your dear mother! What a special day you created for her and how lovely to include her many friends. Have a wonderful weekend, hope you get a bit of time for yourself. Think spring!

  6. You are so amazing Kim, such a nice thing to do. Hey you looked great!! I am so glad you are showing pictures of your self. I know she did have a nice birthday. Your Mom looks really good.
    I wish I had been as good of a daughter as you are.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Kim, Happy Birthday to your mom and a big hug to you!Cheri

  8. What a lovely celebration!
    All the ladies look like they are having a wonderful time. I can imagine it was a happy but tiring day for your Mom.
    You are such a good daughter!!!
    I love the picture of the two of you together!
    Happy Birthday with HUGS for both of you!

  9. Happy birthday to your Mom! Love all the pics and seeing you too! I read the previous post about the "old fellas"..a friend at church just got engaged..she's in her early 60's..he's 88..seems like she's with you on the "old fella" train! Glad you had a nice celebration with your Mom!

  10. Aww Kim, I love how you are so good to your Mom, You are such an angel yourself. Your Mom must have been special to her friends also for them to care so much about her.

    I'm so glad that you do all this for her even though it can be awkward at time. You are a wonderful person.
    Also just for the record, I'm so glad that we can see your beautiful face once in a while. I love seeing Millie but I also love seeing you too. Maybe some time you can show us a picture of you and Millie together.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  11. Aw, God love her, are indeed a special daughter..such a wonderful thing for you to do for her birthday...the ladies all look great and you look even GREATER....lovely picture.
    Happy Birthday to your lovely MOM....xx oo

  12. You are one incredibly special person Kim. Don't you ever forget that.
    Happiest of birthdays to your mom...
    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Happy Birthday to your mom! I can't help but agree with all the other comments about how wonderful you are to take such good care of your mother. And I must say I am thrilled to see your picture!!

  14. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!! Great group of people you gathered to celebrate the day!

  15. Happy Birthday to your mom! What a nice way to celebrate her special day - you are a special daughter!

  16. Kim, hugs and birthday greetings to your Mom. It's nice to do things for them even if they sometimes don't seem to notice. It makes us glad that we still have them with us to be able to celebrate them.

  17. Kim,
    What a beautiful picture of you and your mom! Thank you for sharing it.
    Happy birthday to her!
    Pug hugs:)

  18. Kim: You must be the best daughter in recorded history, I swear! What a wonderful birthday you planned for your mom. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  19. Kim what a nice thing for you to do. I know that Mom appreciated it. Everyone looks so happy in the pics and I love the pic of you and your mother. Happy birthday Mom from our house to yours!

  20. Kim, I once heard that a person is judged on how they treat their Mothers and you are one very special, and dear person. I know that sometimes it is hard on you but you will never, ever regret the care you have given to your Mother. Happy Birthday dear Mom from all of Kim's blogging friends!

  21. Happy birthday to your mom. You are a special daughter and I am sure if she could express that love for you she would.
    How nice of you to gather her friends together.
    God bless you.