Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Update

Another weekend has come and gone.  It seems like Mondays roll around quicker each week.  I did get out alone Saturday morning to start Christmas shopping.  I didn't get much done but at least its a start.  Mostly what I bought were things that are not available in my town.  Typically I do try to shop at home whenever possible.

I needed coffee for my Keurig machine, and I stock up whenver I get to Moncton.  I spent a lot of time in Chapters.  I can browse bookstores forever.  Left with a few Christmas gifts.  Auntie has been wanting a Paula Dean cookbook and I found one.  Its kind of a win-win gift because I am a cookbook nut too. 

I got a ton of hooking done too.  I finished the angels dress and the background and just barely started the border.  And guess what.........I am not loving the border colors.  I will have to change them.  The colors are pretty but are not giving me the look I want.  I guess another trip to Momz Wool shop is in order.  I will need to pick shades/tones a little darker and duller.    Darn it all - I will have to buy more wool!   So apparently every rain cloud does have a silver lining!  hahaha

After I pick the new colors I will post a before and after picture and see if you all agree with me. 

I hope your weekend was relaxing.


  1. What does that means ... relaxing weekend??? lol. You are way ahead of me on the Christmas shopping. I usually wait until the last minute and give gift cards or money depending on who I give it to. Last year I bought my grand kids a huge tent that sleeps 8 and that the best gift I could ever give them. While they were at the cottage they invited their neighbor friends to sleep in the tent and they all had a great time.

    Have you ever over dyed or married your colors with colors that were not quite right for the job? Good luck with finding just the right color, Looking forward to seeing your before and after pictures. JB

  2. Yeah....where do those weekends go?????

  3. Kim ~
    I feel so bad you have to go back to Momz and buy more wool ~ NOT!
    You must be speed hooker to have gotten so much done over the weekend!
    I was Christmas shopping today too. I can cross a few more people off the list ~ woo hoo!
    Hugs :)

  4. Yeah too bad you have to go back and get more wool...:) Can I come??? I think the same thing too I think the weekends are on fast forward. I am glad you got some shopping done. I don't even know where to begin. Thank you so much for your sweet words. They are so precious to me.
    I hope you have a better week this week.

  5. well you are ahead of me in the christmas shopping department. I think it will be a gift certificate kind of christmas. to bad about having to go back for wool ha.
    have a great week

  6. Maybe you should just TRADE-IN the wool, what a wool hoarder you are hehehehe......

  7. Anxiously awaiting your new rug...I bet you will choose just the right colors this time around...
    I have some Christmas shopping done as well. Mostly online shopping though.
    Not only the weekends go fast, Kim. It seems like there is Monday and when you blink....there it is Monday again...what happens???

  8. I have Dozens of Cookbooks and I am an aweful Cook! LOL
    Weekends and Relaxing to not exist in my world!