Friday, November 12, 2010

I plead temporary insanity

I'm not sure what happened but at some point today I must have temporarily lost my mind.  It all started out so innocently.  Mom had to have some blood work done at the hospital, so since I was off work to day I decided to take her myself and spare Auntie from trying to take her next week.

Plus, it has been awhile since Mom has had her blood taken and where she  has deteriorated mentally quite a bit, I was very concerned that she might freak out with the needle and dear Auntie isn't as good at controlling her as I am.

So we got up early and headed to the hospital.  Luckily we had a lovely technican.  She was so kind and patient.  It did take awhile and she did fuss a bit but overall Mom did pretty well.   One of the things they were testing for required that Mom not take her anti-seizure medication this morning.  She is very regulated and I was very anxious that she take it as soon as possible.  I had brought it with me and as soon as we were done with the needles I took Mom to the coffee shop in the hospital so we could get a drink for taking the pill.

I was looking at the cooler trying to find a small container of milk, plus trying to hold onto Mom who was doing her best to escape.  The lady working knew Mom but hasn't seen her since she declined.  Once I explained my problem she grabbed a small glass behind the  counter and filled it with milk.  And then she refused to take any money for it!   Its so strange - but when people do any small act of kindness towards Mom - I get all teary.  It was just a half glass of milk, but at that stressful moment it was such a kind gesture that it touched me.

This is about the time I went temporarily insane!  We went home and I suggested that we all jump in the car, drive to Moncton (45 mins away) for lunch and then start a little of our Christmas shopping. 

After we started out I begn to have flashbacks from the last time we tried this.  I vaguely recall vowing never to do it again.   Yup, temporary insanity for sure!  It is impossible to shop with Mom, especially now that the stores in Moncton are extremely busy.  Someone has to physically hold on to her or she is gone.  She can move quickly if you turn your back. And even when you hold her arm, she pulls and pulls.  After 2 stores, Auntie looked at me and said "Lets pull the plug".

I'm going to go back tomorrow alone and get a little done and then some day in a few weeks I will arrange for a respite worker to stay with Mom and Auntie and I will try again - alone. 

Time to hook.   Later! 


  1. Oh, Kim ~
    God Bless you! You are an angel. Your Mom (and Auntie) are so lucky to have you.
    Happy hooking :)

  2. You know what? I think you are a saint and I think you perform the impossible every single day. I am going to keep praying for your family. I don't think you were insane at all, I think you just wanted to do a nice, normal thing. The milk though made me get tears in my eyes too. I am the same way.
    Bless you Kim, you really touched me with this post. I wish I could just pop over and take you out for coffee.
    I hope you get to do lots of hooking, after your shopping. Hey have you found any hot boots? :)

  3. Kim, Love is so blind, even to care givers like you. It's no wonder that you want to do things with your Mom and Auntie. You love them.

    I like the way your Auntie talks, Let's pull the plug. lol. I hope that your next shopping trip will be great. I want to hear about it. JB

  4. Dearest Kim,
    Bless your heart! I have to echo Lauren and the others and just say how lucky your Mom and Auntie are to have you. We learn patience and caring in ways we never thought we would. I think we are the better for it.
    I do hope you have a merry shopping excursion in your near future!
    Cathy G

  5. We forget from one time to another, don't we? You were a brave soul to attempt it ~ bless your heart!! Tomorrow will be a better experience! Have fun! The thought of Christmas shopping makes me have temporary insanity! Is it time already?

  6. LOL! I plead this at least twice a day!

  7. You do have your hands full, Kim dear. Take the best of care of yourself as well as your dear Mom and Auntie...
    Happy Shopping. Wish I were there to go with you....:)