Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some ups and downs

Today was full of ups and downs.  I suppose if you were a "glass half full" kind of person, that would mean Balance.

On the "up" side, last nights episode of DWTS was great.  Brandy got the boot and sent home.  (OK, I admit I cheered a teeny little bit) So next week will be the finals and for the first time I really don't care which of the final 3 win.  I like all of them.

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Jennifer was my preference but Kyle and Bristol have won me over with their attitudes.    The only question left is - What will I do on Monday nights now?   More hooking time I guess.

Speaking of hooking, I did get to Corinnes for more wool.  I managed to "trade" some so that was a bonus.  Here is what I picked
To be honest, I haven't looked at the colors next to my rug yet.  But maybe tomorrow night I'll cut up a small amount and hook another section of border for comparison. 

The last "Up" part of the week was getting a secret tip from a dear blogger buddy.  She pointed me in the direction of a new original townsend cutterhead size 8.   It is on its way to me!  WooHooooooo!

This is the "down" part........ another trip to the Orthodontist today.  When I left they handed me a fistful of Advil with a warning that I would probably ache for a few days.  
They were not wrong.  I know its just temporary but it is making me a little crabby.  Plus that means about 2 days of eating mush.   Maybe my new cutterhead will ease the pain! 


  1. whoo hoo a townsend cutter. I feel you tooth pain I went for a cleaning and now I have to have a filling not as bad as yours so for mush make it pudding or cake mushed up in milk.ha. hope your day is better. Thanks for your visit and comment as always I will show it when I am done.

  2. Sorry about your teeth needing some orthodontist work. Ouch on the pocket book. I hope that you have a good insurance to pick up some of the bills.

    I haven't watch DWTS but hope that your favorite one wins.
    I love those new colors very much. It's more toned down, more angelic should I say.

    You are spoiled , girl... a Townsend cutter head... I just have a little Bliss model. Really, I'm glad for you. JB

  3. Kim ~
    Your wool colors are yummy! I hope they work, if not, I guess you'll have to go visit Corinne again ~ oh darn :)
    Oh, I remember the orthodontist but that was DECADES ago. Just think how beautiful your smile will be as you eat your mush.
    Woo hoo on the cutterhead. Hopefully it will arrive soon. Maybe after the 8, you can move on to the 8.5 and get really wild and crazy with a 9.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hey Kim!

    I was shocked that Brandy had to go home! I'm with you on Jennifer Gray. Her attitude is annoying me. Yes, she can dance but she has danced all her life. It was no surprise that she could dance. I love Kyle. He is so dang cute. Bristol has done a great job. I think she will win. I haven't been voting but I think I will next week!

    We watch Chuck on Mondays if you are looking for a new show! lol

    Have a Great Day!

  5. I was hooked on DWTS during the first few seasons, then something happened, and I lost touch. Sounds like I should have kept up with it this season! Hope you feel better soon!! -Tammy

  6. Great wool choices! Looking forward to seeing how they blend in with your current rug... sorry about the orthodontist appt... I have a tooth I have been postponing too... I just can't justify the prices they charge! Good going on the Townsend cutter head! :-)

  7. Eating mush is not fun when you have to eat mush!
    I am a Bristol fan because she has been dogged so bad in the media and she has truly worked so hard!

  8. Well a day of of braces being tighten was always rough. When will they be off? I have never regretted getting them at 40 I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you get to do some hooking. I do think your angel rug is gorgeous. Thanks for you sweet words as always.

  9. New wool and a cutterhead? very lucky girl indeed. Hope you are feeling well soon, there is nothing worse than being in pain. All I can say is go Kyle!