Thursday, July 22, 2010

To iPad or Not to iPad....

That is the question. Arrrgh the internal battle is driving me nuts. I don't "need" one. Hmmm, but maybe I do, and I just don't know it yet?? LOL

I had basically put it out of my mind since I spent so much money on a new camera recently. But then, this afternoon, Corinne (or as I shall call her from now on - Evil Temptress) emailed me a link to a news article from some woman raving about how much she LOVED her new iPad!! Geez..... How is a girl like me supposed to have willpower with stuff like that out there in print??

So I read the article where she talked about the ebooks and the Kindle app. And I have wanted a Kindle for awhile so it would be like killing 2 birds with one stone, right??

Sigh, -------what to do, what to do?? Corinne, me and our Boss (another tech-nut) have been wanting one and we are all waiting for the other one to crack and order one. Then the other 2 can play with it before we commit. But so far it has been a battle of wills - each one of us taunting the other!

OK - so have any of you bought one?? Any thoughts?? I'm not sure if I am looking for reasons TO buy one or reasons NOT to buy one.

HELP ME...................


  1. Hi Kim,
    Love the look of your blog ... It is so pretty. Lets see to ipad or not to ipad ....hmmmmm .... well by the time your turn comes around to receive yours you may already have the money saved! I hear there is a waaaiting list on those! As for me ... love to have one ...just don't want my simple little life consumed just yet.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I got a Kindle for Christmas, my hubby got an ipad in May. Sooooo wish I had the ipad. Our photos look like masterpieces when viewed on his ipad, and some of the apps are just amazing! We didn't spring for the 3G since he is mostly using it at home, but we went for all the possible memory. My only warning: every attachment, cord etc. costs at least another $30. Thirty dollars here, thirty dollars there, it really adds up. Oh well, just buy it! Susan

  3. I really, really want one, too....but I am trying hard to wait for the 2nd generation. I know there will be one, and knowing Apple, I'm sure it will be better (or at least better enough that I will want the newer one, even if I already have one). I reckon it will happen either right before Christmas or right afterwards....and crossing my fingers it includes a phone feature (if not, I think I will just go ahead and get one and then downgrade my iphone to a really cheap cell phone, instead)

    Good luck with your willpower -- and know that I will be jealous if you get one! ;-)

  4. I have been having the exact same problem, Kim. Should I or shouldn't I? Kindle or ipad? But the add-on apps seem too expense overall.

    Corporations are wonderful at reinventing the wheel and driving consumers to distraction.

  5. If you're thinking of a Kindle, definitely get the iPad. I spent some time with one recently at the Apple store and I have major lust for one, just can't do it right now. Kindle is only black and white, iPad is color...not to mention a zillion other great reasons why it would be a better tool to own. I say go for it! (And let us know how much you love it once you get it, please!)