Friday, July 30, 2010

It's me...Millie

Hi everyone! Its me, Millie.  Mommy has been busy today so I decided to help out a little.   She has been cleaning and shopping and cooking.  But its OK, because I heard her say she is on vacation!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy..............I know what that word means.  It means she gets to hang out with me ALL DAY.  Ooooh, I'm so excited I might even chase my tail later!!
This is gonna be so great.  I'll get more rides in the car.  And I'm guessing if I play the cute card, I might even score some extra treats!  Gee I wonder what we will do first?? 

I love Mommy's vacation.  And I think she likes hanging out with me too! 


  1. You lucky little doggie Millie! You be sure and tell Mommie to not work so hard cleaning and all that stuff on her vacation! They are supposed to be fun!!!
    Cathy G

  2. Oh my it sounds like someone is going to be spoiled rotten for a week. I do hope it is a nice wonderful vacation because you both have been working really hard. Wish I were around you so we could at least have lunch this week.
    I read your post before this and yes that was very very rude of them not to leave you a note.
    People sometimes just do not think and it is rude
    Enjoy your time off
    Love ya

  3. I think mommy needs a vacation...she thinks her dog talks!

  4. Dear Millie ~
    I hope you and Mommy have lots of fun and she remembers those extra treats. Be sure to tell her you'd love to go get some ice cream.
    Pug hugs,
    Loocie and Eema

  5. Millie your toy looks just like my dog Roxi...