Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sand Dollar Island

The first group of family kids have left for home and the 2nd batch has arrived. The boys have been having a blast on the beach. Leo has become a master at collecting sand dollars.
On a trip several years ago he named one of the sand bars "Sand Dollar Island". And apparently he was correct. I generally find a handful each year, but nothing like this kid!
This picture is taken at Amherst Shore Beach at low tide....or as the kids call it - Hunting season! They spent hours down there and even calling them for supper and ringing the bell had no effect.
Here are the "Boys" heading back ----Finally! Supper was warming (drying out) in the oven for over an hour. (Not that they seemed to mind)This is what they carried back from their adventure. Poor Dillon's shirt was all stretched out but they were so proud.I gave up counting at 40 but they ended up with over 60 sand dollars. We spent the evening washing and bleaching them and laying them out on the deck to dry.

Not a bad haul eh! Once they are bleached out they are so pretty for decorating etc. I love them. I hope they left a few for me!


  1. Pretty neat! I never knew that sand dollars were dark... I guess that's why I've never found one! LOL!

  2. Looks like I am going to have to break down and try to get to the beach sometime. It has been years. I've only been to the beach around 5 times and that is it. I was 20 before I ever went to the beach.

    The sand dollars are so pretty! I don't think I've ever found one when I did go to the beach.

    Great job boys!


  3. Kim ~
    I always thought sand dollars were a Florida type thing. Didn't realize they were in your neck of the woods. What fun. I can remember finding some visiting in Florida.
    Is the beach really that red?
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Kim I had no idea you lived on the beach. Move over I am on my way to be your neighbor.
    Wow I have never seen so many sand dollars at one time in my life and I grew up on the coast.
    I love sand dollars.
    The beach has been calling me since my accident. I keep wondering if I am suppose to move back to the coast.
    Thanks honey for always encouraging me to keep going and all the prayers you are sending my way.
    Hopefully soon I will be walking on a beach myself.
    Love ya

  5. I've never seen that many Sand Dollars and I live here.

    Guess I should spend more time at the beach, maybe I'll use some overtime.

  6. We used to go to Maine every year as a teen and collect sand dollars. BUT, I have never seen so many in one spot.

    They are supposed to be good luck if you find one...I'd say these boys are going to have heaps of good fortune!