Saturday, July 24, 2010

Airports, Hot Dogs and Rugs

This morning I took Jane to the airport. (Sniff, boo-hoo) This week just flew by in an instant. But we did manage to squeeze alot of fun into a short time. I took Friday afternoon off work and we all piled into the car for a little roadtrip. We spent the afternoon in the Shediac, NB area for a little shopping and then a great seafood supper.

It was quite different from the roadtrips we took years ago in the 1970's. It was Nanny and Poppy, their 6 kids and me stuffed in an old Buick stationwagon with wood panels! "Are we there yet?" "I gotta pee" "Hey, Rick put gum in my hair" "Stop the car --- my snake got loose". Yup, that really happened. Needless to say, all the boys got searched before they could get in the car for the rest of that summer!!

The heat and humidity continues and is starting to take its toll. Poor Millie just lounges around like a limp noodle! And she doesn't like the beach. Princess doesn't like to get her feet dirty! Can you imagine???? Ahhhh, its a dog's life. Nap, nap, nap.

I actually finished hooking this rug last week, but haven't found the energy to steam and bind it yet. But since I am almost done another small rug I thought you wouldn't mind if I posted this one semi-unfinished. She is another fun Deanne Fitzpatrick design.

I am hoping to finish my other little hooked pillow tonight. I'm extra anxious because I want to start another one. I went to Corinne's this afternoon and came home with a bag of wool for a new project. Her basement studio (Momz Wool) is almost ready. There is some furniture and all the wool cupboards have been moved down. Yippee!!!! Another playroom. LOL

Thats enough for now. Time to grab the frame and finish my starfish pillow.

Oooh, and thanks for the input on the Great iPad Debate. I'm thinking again!


  1. Sure nice to have family & friends around, Kim, but so sad when they have to leave. But you had a great time, so that is wonderful...Millie looks so cute there. Ya, a dog's life for sure...If we were so lucky :) :)
    Love this rug. what size is it Kim?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I like the rug, great idea with the blank face. I like Deanna's designs.
    Has it been as hot up there as it has in Missouri?
    You just can't enjoy anything outside.
    Buy the ipad you will love it. I want one.

  3. Poor Millie, I totally agree with her on the weather. Is it supposed to break anytime soon???