Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not a cloud in the sky

What a beautiful day..... A little nature.....

Words of wisdom.....

Abundance of blossoms....

Beauty everywhere....

Photos from an early morning visit to my Mom's friend Alice's Garden.


  1. Oh so beautiful, I wish mine looked a fourth that good.

  2. We are having tornado watches right now, but the sun just came out, so I think it will miss us.

  3. Wow this garden is beautiful..sweet of you to post it.
    Sounds like you had a great time at your friends house again on TGIF...what a great way to end the week.
    Yes I watched the season finale of Grays Anatomy with Christi. I have not kept up with it this year but did see the last show. Whoa pretty bloody even for them.
    thanks for leaving me a funny comment and checking on me.
    Back to bed again...boy do I hate lying flat on my back but better than surgery.
    When are you doing a Blogazine story for me.

  4. Great photos! You've captured all the beauties of the garden! I love the little sign sshhhhh.....the garden is sleeping. I need to show that one to some of our neighbors! LOL Cathy G

  5. Such a beautiful garden....Everything is fast growing there,for sure...seems as though you are doing well with your new camera....Love to see everyone's pictures..

  6. Nice Photos with the new camera Birthday Girl.