Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving Day and the Incredible Shrinking Vacation

Tomorrow the packing continues. Its a massive moving project at my office building. In an effort to improve customer service etc we are shuffling everybody around. Basically the workers on the 1st and 2nd floors are switching places. So we all are completely packing up our offices and on Monday we are all moving at once!!

Its amazing how much crap you keep in offices, especially over a decade or so. One employee has been in the same office for 30 years! We have sent truckloads and truckloads of garbage out the door.

It sounded like a good idea a few weeks ago but now I'm foreseeing chaos and confusion. 23 people moving files and furniture in 1 day........Oh MY ! One good thing is that after the move Corinne (MomzWool) and I will be right next door to each other. I think it might be hard to concentrate on work and there might be a bit too much hooking talk going on at work!

This leads to the "Incredible Shrinking Vacation". About 2 months ago I requested next week for vacation. I need to get my cottage cleaned and freshened up as I am renting it out at the end of June for a month. Since it hasn't been used for 3 years - this is going to be a big job!

About 2 weeks ago my boss asked me if I could amend my plans and come to work on Monday as it is moving day. No problem - - - - Then today he tells me about a very important meeting, in the city, on Tuesday. He was nice about it and said he knew I was on vacation, so he wouldn't force me to go BUT......... It is related to a Union Bargaining issue, so of course I have to go.....which I said I would. So thats 2 days gone out of 5 ! I did tell him that he was really gonna owe me a couple of sunny days of my choice this summer matter what is going on at work. He just laughed! LOL I'm not really complaining. I have a great job and a fair amount of flexibility.

I guess this just means that when I actually get to the cottage to clean, I will really have to focus and not take frequent breaks out on the deck with a cool beverage! Which is probably why it usually takes me so long to finish! hahaha


  1. Omg Kim,
    I'm worn out just reading all you have to do! Please take care and don't wear yourself out! Nothing wrong with a short break and a cool beverage! Best of luck with all the moving and cleaning! Cathy G

  2. Howdy Neighbor, hope the new furniture comes soon. OMG you can hear the birds chirping up here, loving it!!

  3. Packing up could also mean cleaning. Moving out is a good opportunity to check on which things around us are not being useful anymore. You could start organizing your stuff from packing up. Separate the things that need to be put inside the box for moving, and leave or dispose the things you don't need and use anymore, but take note of the things you need to replace. How I wish I could have given you this tips years ago.