Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fiddlehead Greens

Gee its been a while between posts. Not sure where the middle of the week went but I have been suffering the past 2 days with a headache. It seems to be easing up a bit, thankfully. I don't want to spend my entire weekend laying on the sofa.

Out of necessity I did go out this afternoon to the grocery store. I'm sure I looked make-up, old sweatshirt and half looped up on extra strength Advil! But it was worth the trip because the Produce Dept had fresh fiddlehead greens. They are a treat as they are only available for about 2 weeks a year.

For those of you not familiar with them, they are an edible young fern that grows along the banks of rivers and streams. Trust me, they taste better than they look. Melted butter and a splash of vinegar ~~~Perfect.


  1. I've never heard of these. They kind of look like worms.

  2. I love LIndas comment...I too have never heard of these but glad you found them since you like them.
    Sorry about your headache. I can so relate and feel sorry for anyone with pain.
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  3. Do the fiddle heads taste anything like asparagus or do they have their own unique flavor? I have never seen them in the supermarkets here. I will have to go on a quest to find some!! Here's hoping that you will be feeling better soon.......I can so identify with your pain and the time it takes to recoup after these bouts. Wellness wishes!! Cathy G

  4. Hope your head is better.
    Ferns I have never tried, but I would have to add some garlic.

  5. I have never seen those fiddleheads either, Kim.. Would like to try them sometime if opportunity arises.
    As for your headache, I CAN relate..I have those bummers, too, sometimes and have to head to bed and cover my head...take care.

  6. Hi Kim

    I just saw on piece on CTV about Fiddleheads and their unusual component of omega 3s. The only thing about them is apparently, you have to boil for at least ten minutes to remove some toxins. They aren't sure if the boiling process removes some of the good parts too, though.

    Hope you are feeling better!