Friday, August 2, 2013

Maritime Style

There's something about growing up near the water.  There is a really comforting sense to being close to the ocean.  The sounds, the smells, the views.  

Today we were invited to Happy Hour at a friends cottage.  This is how us Nova Scotia girls kick back on a Friday afternoon.
Martini on the rocks. (Lol)

 Its not a bad way to spend an afternoon, eh!  Even with an overcast sky and a few rain showers, we maritime girls can hang in there for a good gab.  And this little honey joined us and was very well behaved ( and adorable ). Sweet William, a friends grandson

Happy Friday.  So far vacation has been busy.  Fill you in later 


  1. Looking good girl! I think you have the perfect way to end the week. I hope your vacation continues to be fun. I just read a novel set in Nova Scotia and I think I need to visit one day!

  2. I wanna hang out there, too! Glad you're kickin' back (yourself and the Martinis)!! Lol...

  3. It looks like a perfect way to start a vacation. I'd sooner sit under an overcast sky that sit in a scorching sun. I hope that you have a real nice vacation.
    You look good in blue.

  4. Now that's living girl!
    I love the sea. You are blessed to be near it.

  5. Oh Girlfriend, that is so wonderful, looks like a great time......what a beautiful place, enjoy, cheers, Francine.

  6. What a fantastic way to spend a Friday afternoon happy hour. I think when ever you can sit by the ocean, its a great day.

  7. So glad you are spending your vacation like this. It looks wonderful down there by the water.
    It is lovely.

  8. looks like fun what better way to spend the afternoon?
    have a good vacation I start mine this week,

  9. Sounds like the perfect vacation!

  10. I am just a tad envious! It looks like such a lovely spot!

  11. Blue Dress Woman, you're looking SO familiar. I'm scratching my head now.