Thursday, August 29, 2013

So....does size matter?

First, take your minds out of the gutter ~~~This is a clean post.  I'm actually thinking about craft projects - rug hooking in particular.   I find that I struggle between wanting to hook larger, more dramatic pieces yet I am drawn to the smaller, simpler ones.   

I love starting a pillow for example, on a Friday evening and having it completely hooked and finished by Sunday.   A small project, like my scrappy pumpkin & flower mat, which took an evening and a half was so enjoyable.

But I see these larger rugs and I want to create that.  I sometimes feel that they have more intrinsic value.  But I have yet to truly enjoy a large project. I have several that I have started over the years and have abandoned.   Maybe someday I will make larger rugs.  But for now I will stay small. 

Little snowman in progress

Maybe size doesn't matter......


  1. I think I would have to have a project that I could completely finish in a short time. I would be surrounded by things unfinished. Looks like that is going to be a cute snowman!

  2. Now Kim, I just showered and my mind is as clean as could be. lol...

    Your new little snowman looks pretty happy. I'm sure he won't be around for very long.

    I love working on a large rug if the subject interest me. I wouldn't want to make them for sale because I get a bit attached to them. I just wish I had free time to hook in the day.


  3. I'm sorta the same way. i have to do something that is finished fast. If it takes too long I get bored.


  4. I was wondering if size mattered to a hooker....LOVE that cute little snowman to be!

  5. You seem drawn to the smaller pleasures and I think the snowman will be big or little, no matter..just have fun!

  6. I think you should do what you like to do. You work full time and you take care of your mom. How you have time to hook at all amazes me. By doing the size you do that means you can work on it and have fun and be finished with it. I always think it is fun to finish.
    I don't think it matters as long as you are happy.

  7. *****well...since you what appeals to you. i wanted to hook for the floor and always have, so they tend to be something larger to cover the space. i will hook w whatever attracts my attention and yes, it can be something small like a 2'x3' rug. the size of strip that i cut also
    dictates the end result. again, if you are wanting to carpet
    your home, the need would be for something bigger. also, in hooking a large rug, and i've done room size ones at 8x10 and have to like the subject and divide it into blocks/sections of workable size so that you mind will not keep looking at the size of the project. remember, anything created from your hands is worth the time and effort if it
    brings satisfaction, creativity and a sense of peace! hope
    this helps...tom

  8. Kim...every person has his/her own preference. Do what you like, I say. Small certainly has its own rewards.

  9. I tend to want to hook designs that interest me regardless of size. However, if it is a copyright free design then I tend to reduce the size a smidgen.

    The largest one I've hooked was Domestic Zoo, the long runner, and that was plenty large enough and have no desire to go larger.


  10. I do think every one has their own idea what they want to hook. I myself prefer larger rugs and truly I am not sure why but I will tell you this I have a lot of large rugs rolled up. and a lot of large rugs on the floor but only one pillow.

  11. I like to have big projects too, but I've come to find that I need have little projects going on at the same time so that I can have that instant gratification.

  12. Kim
    Just keep doing what you love!
    I can't wait to see your snowman finished.

  13. I adore this snowman you are working on. I wish you a nice weekend.

  14. I am with you I LOVE fall - there is just something so wonderful about it - I feel alive!