Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Living Plan-free

I am absolutely loving this vacation.  I am making no plans.  I'm winging it and flying by the seat of my pants.  Whatever, whenever!  And the's been perfect.  Sunny, no humidity, cooler nights.  Yay!!

And for some reason I have convinced myself that on vacation you can eat anything.  I am making the most of it.  (Just polished off a chocolate sundae covered in fresh raspberries at 9pm)

Just so I don't get totally lazy I  have started a new hooked pillow - Bittersweet Sheep.

Mom is at adult day care tomorrow so I should get a lot more hooked.  I have been trying to stay off the computer a bit more this week so if I haven't visited you, I will catch up later. 


  1. Good for you -- do what you want -- when you want!!! :)

  2. Love to hear that you are enjoying your time and taking care of you

  3. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Enjoy what remains of it!

  4. I think it sounds wonderful. Enjoy your vacation. I love your sheep.
    I love it on days there is no plans.

  5. Hmmm my problem is that I've convinced myself that I can eat anything I want all the time and that's BAD. LOL

    Have fun


  6. I have been on vacation this week too but not so much fun the weather has been beautiful, I have worked in the garden, cleaned cupboards, and lots of laundry.
    Today husband took pity on me we went kayaking , out to dinner. and to a concert in the park. But I would have much rather been with you ;)

  7. No plans sounds like a perfect plan. Those are the best vacations.
    The sheep sounds like another good far as hooking is concerned.

    Eat all you can while you can.
    My visitors have been keeping me off the computer more too.


  8. Your vacation sounds like heaven!
    Hugs :)

  9. On vacation you CAN eat anything you want. That's why it's called vacation! :) Enjoy!

  10. Vacations are all about good food. ;)
    I prefer chocolate with my coffee, very early in the morning !

  11. Have a wonderful time!!!! There are plenty of days we don't get to eat everything we want! Baaaaaa!