Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bye bye (times 2)

While I was on vacation 2 of our employees resigned and today was their last day of work.  The good thing is that neither of them quit for bad reasons but both have exciting new opportunities and are relocating.  I'm happy for them but sad at the same time.  

After work just the girls got together for a little good bye celebration.  Nothing fancy - just pizza and beer by the pool and lots of laughs.

While I was there having fun, poor Miss Millie was at the doggie beauty parlor.  Perhaps she heard me mention I was going somewhere without her, or she was feeling abandoned at the groomers but since I picked her up she has been giving me the "stare"

"Really left me and I'm not stupid.  I smelled pizza and fun on you when you picked me up.  That was just mean!"


  1. Ohh look at that pitiful frown. Poor little Millie.... I guess that you'll just have to have another pizza party by the pool and invite Miss Millie next time soon.

  2. Well I hope you had a great vacation - and I am glad your friends went to better places. sandie

  3. I love it when people resign and we can party! Now you need another get together to celebrate everyone who's still working there!

  4. It's always bittersweet when people move on for good reasons. You're happy for them, yet... it's hard when they don't stay. The good thing is that there will be new friends to meet. And Miss Millie will always be there!

  5. Miss Millie has you wrapped around her little paw. Shame on you for partying without her.

  6. Oh she knows you only too well, by the look she has on her poor little face!
    Looks like a fun time was had though!!!!

  7. Oh how funny; and they do know when we've done something without them and have that 'smell'. My boy Ben knows if I've petted a neighbor's dog and he wasn't there.


  8. Poor Millie, she just feels left out.
    You could be like these ladies I see at the grocery store. They have these special bags that are secretly dog carriers.
    Their dogs ride around in the baskets. I bet she would fit.
    She is your boss anyway. :) She always has so much expression in her little face.

  9. Well, there are certain costs we women must pay for our beauty, and Miss Millie is certainly a beauty!

    That pizza party sounds like a winner!

  10. I understand where she is coming from. Although it is important to keep up one's looks, no one wants to be left out of a party. Xo Laura

  11. It is nice to hear that they are moving on for good reasons.
    and that you had a nice celebration.
    and millie will never let you forget it:)

  12. Aw! Poor little Millie missed out on all the fun!