Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ugh !

It's over.  After 18 glorious vacation days my peaceful period of rest and relaxation is rapidly coming to an end.  Tomorrow morning it's back to the daily grind.  I feel a little like Dead Man Walking.  Every ticking hour of the clock is like one step closer to.........  Sigh!  

I did manage to squeeze one last bit of fun in today.  I spent some time lounging here

Then a friend dropped off some treats for our supper.  This guy and seven more just like him

Nothing better than dunked in some melted butter. 

So all things considered, I can't complain.  But a little whining is OK, right?

Last night I posted about nothing exciting happening.  I should have waited to post.  Not long after I took Millie out the back door for a pee.  I saw something out of the corner of my eye in the backyard.  SKUNK -  and a little too close for comfort.  It hadn't seen us yet. I grabbed Millie and whispered (and prayed at the same time) "please don't bark, please don't bark).  We got back inside safe thankfully.   He wandered around the yard awhile and then moved on.  I hope we don't bump into him again. 

And then a few minutes later my iPhone made the little cash register noise. Another Etsy sale!!  So last night ended exciting after all. 


  1. Gosh dont ya just love the " i sold something ring"! I sure do!! So glad u two didnt have a run in with the skunk!! Yuk! Your lobster meal looks yummy and i will be thinking of you back at work.. Hope you had a nice time off!! Enjoy the rest of your night!

  2. Congratulations on another very successful sale in your Etsy shop and you are such a prolific hooker. You've got it made.
    I love lobster too and my daughter and son in law will bring me a feed when they go to the island this week. I don't even dip mine in butter, lol.
    I'm glad that you got Millie out of harm's way fast. Skunks and dog is not a good mix.

  3. Tick toc, tick toc, oh you poor girl, back to the daily grind....glad you enjoyed the time off....oh oh stinker skunk, great Millie didn't bark......Lobster looks so good dipped in butter....have a good night, Blessings Francine.

  4. A belly full of yummy lobster, a sweet smelling pooch, and some change in your purse...way to end your vacation! Now you can start thinking about the next one! I hope you have a good week...don't worry, it will soon be Friday again.

  5. Instead of whining, it should have been wine to go with that lobster! Yum! Sorry your vacation is over. That's painful. Glad your Etsy sale helped too.....good luck!

  6. I think we can all share your sentiments on the end of vacation!!! ickkk lol

    Glad to hear business is good and you and the pup escaped that skunk!!!!!!

  7. Oh, yum! Lobster! Were there any leftovers?:-)

    I'm thinking of you today as you return to work. Always a difficult thing to face after time off.

  8. Your lobster looked wonderful. How nice to have that for dinner. I hope your day is a good one and you don't have too much to get caught up on.
    Skunks are just the worse. Peter gave me all of this info. They can hit a target spot on from 15 feet away and they have bad eye sight. So maybe the little home invader didn't even see you. :)

  9. AUGH - skunk! Glad he just wandered away. And lobster dinner, you lucky thing! It's always hard to go back to work, but I must say that a lobster dinner would take the sting out of it.

  10. I have to confess: As I was in the shower this morning, grumbling about it being Monday, I thought, "At least it's not as bad as Kim's Monday after two weeks off!" Of course, since I haven't had 2 weeks in a row off since Christmas, maybe you are better off than me!

  11. What a great ending to the vacation. Lobster oh so my favorite. and to sell something on top of it.

  12. I just read about a fish fry,and now lobster! Yum!!

  13. Sorry to hear that your glorious vacation is coming to an end
    I love, love lobster, yours looked so great!
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving comment on my blog post "yup, my kids".
    It is always nice to have you stop by for a visit, much appreciated indeed.
    Have a great rest of the week and I hope you don't run into that skunk...
    Hugs, Michele