Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Oh yes, Fall has arrived.  It's been chilly. Now where are those hot flashes when I need them??  Lol. I dug out my favorite warm blanket. It's so soft and fluffy and it felt so cozy when I pulled it up around me last night.  It made this morning exceptionally hard to get out of bed. 

I also broke down tonight and went and bought one of those portable electric infrared heaters. It works great and is very quiet.  It heated up the living room nicely this evening.  And it's not totally ugly like some of them.

Maybe the cool temps have creeped into my mood too. I'm feeling a little crabby lately.   Last night my favorite show started - Dancing With The Stars - and I was uninterested.  I watched a little and then went to bed before it was over.  And have you seen the new View?  I always enjoyed watching it while I was home for lunch.  It sucks! 

All this cold hearted stuff has made me reach for a simple comfort - a nice pile of soft, pretty wool

Ahhh, thats so much better.  Now I'm a warm and cozy Happy Hooker. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's over so soon

The weekends go by quicker all the time.  This one was no exception.  I had a bad headache hit Thursday.  It lasted through most of Friday but I felt better in the evening.  Hence the laundry and wine. Only one glass.  So I shouldn't have woken up at 4am with the return of the headache. Saturday I layed down on the couch after breakfast while I waited for the pain killers to kick in.  I can never nap during the day.  Well the next thing I knew my phone was ringing and it was 1pm.  A 3 hour nap!!
Thank goodness the phone rang or I might have slept all day. 

All day Saturday and again today.  Today it wasn't as intense so I did do some housework and washed a few blankets.  And I made a chicken stew type casserole for supper.  It was a recipe I saw on Facebook. It wasn't too bad but next time I will tweek it a little.  It needed a little more pizzazz.

And I picked up my frame to hook a bit.  I'm working on the tongues at the edges.  Not sure if I'm happy with them yet but I'll decide once I get both ends hooked.  Then I can change if it needs it.  I just need to finish one piece to get my mojo back. 

Well, back to the frame with a cup of tea.  I hope your Monday is quick and productive. (Mine included)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Laundry and Chardonnay

Yay, it's Friday.  But sadly I am celebrating with a load of laundry and a glass of Chardonnay.   Woohoo, what a party girl!!  
I tried to write posts all week but nothing worthy seemed to happen.  I did come into possession of another giant zucchini so I see more shredding and baking in my future.  My thumb just healed from the last shred-fest!

The most exciting thing to happen all week was I discovered my new furnace actual works. It was cold enough Tuesday for the furnace to kick in.  I was momentarily excited and then realized that the expensive part of Fall was upon us.  Luckily it's warmed up since that one little chilly blip. 

Tomorrow I'm going to check out the antique stores again.  I'm moving the bookshelf out of the kitchen and into the basement for storage and I need a small table or kitchen cart type piece to replace it.  

Oh, and here is a bit of info to share.  If you have an e-reader like a kindle or similar device you should check out Bookbub.  It's free to sign up and you select the types of books you like to read and everyday you get an email with suggestions to download.  Every day at least a couple are free or up to $2.99.  I've discovered several good books to add.  It's a great and inexpensive way to fill up on books .   Even if you find 1 a week that interests you, it's worth it for free.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just call me Suzy

Yes, I'm still in the nesting phase.  Just call me Suzy Homemaker.   (People who know me really well are laughing really hard right now).  I know this phase will eventually end and I will return to thinking housework bites, but for now I'm riding the wave. 

This morning I settled on a couple of zucchini bread recipes and started shredding like a demon.  First up was a chocolate zucchini bread.  Turned out really well and was so tasty.  

Now I'm sorry I didn't make 2 loaves.  I cut the recipe in half in case it was not good and didn't want to waste it but the recipe was a keeper.  Next time I'll make 2. 

Then it was regular zucchini bread.  Another success.

I think my baking curse may be disappearing.  These were cut in half and put in the freezer.  I had enough of that monster zucchini left to freeze 3 bags (2 cups each).   So there will be more of this bread in my future. 

The rest of the weekend I puttered around and knit a little.  I didn't pick up my hook but I need to finishing hooking the horse rug.   Every time I walk through the den I see the still untouched UFO pile

I need to get on this so I can update my etsy store.  Maybe next weekend I'll stay out of the kitchen and get binding. 

Have a great week 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday random

Today was the first day of school in our town.  I had to laugh this morning on my way to work.  First I saw a few little ones.  I'm always amazed at the little grade 1's. So full of excitement, skipping down the sidewalk - laughing and chattering.  So anxious to learn and make new friends. 

Then a little further up the street was the bus stop for the high school.  A bunch of teenagers - sullen, heads bowed, scuffing their feet - like they were heading for a shift on the chain gang

It cracked me up.  Such a difference.  

Now switching gears......since the pie was a success I am moving on to more baking adventures.  I aim to make a pan of tea biscuits that are edible.  I tried many many years ago and well......you could have used them for hockey pucks.  

And a co-worker had a bumper crop of zucchini this year and brought the surplus in to work.   They were enormous.  This one was not even close to the largest one there.  I took a picture next to Millie so you could see it's bigger than her.  Not the best pic but she was being less than cooperative

So I think a few zucchini breads are in the future.   Any other ideas?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Make food or Be food?

The past few days, thanks mainly to lots of rain, a new batch of killer Mosquitos has hatched.  And I swear they are all living in my backyard.

One step outside and you are covered in a swarm of vicious, blood thirsty insects.  My lawn is in desperate need of being mowed and it was probably dry enough tonight to do it but I was too scared. Lol

So instead of being food for something else I made food for me.  I finally found a nice basket of fresh peaches. I've been craving a peach crumble pie.  It's one of my specialties.  Unfortunately I couldn't find my favorite recipe.  So after an internet search I found one that looked similar.  It's all in the crumble.  Here's the filling

Next the crumble topping was added (not exactly as I remembered)

And out of the oven.  The smell is amazing.  Can you smell the sweetness?  Must be cool enough to cut now.  Gotta go taste

I think this was a much better use of time, don't you think?  The lawn will still be there tomorrow.  This entire pie may not be

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September

I know it's not "officially" fall on September 1st but it is to me!  We are entering my favorite time of year.  Another lovely weekend.  The weather was mainly grey and drizzly but I still had a nice 3 day weekend.  (You're going to get sick of me going on about how happy I am lately but life is good these days) 

I got lots of reorganizing done in the house.  All my clothes are finally put away properly. And I spent some time thinking about paint colors and curtains.  I think I'm ready to paint the upstairs soon. I've almost settled on a color and need to pick up some paint cards to pick the right shade.  

Today was busy.  Lots of cooking to stock the freezer.  But I started out building up my strength for the day at breakfast.  Chocolate croissants and special coffee

Since it was a holiday I thought I should start it special ;).  Then I put a chicken in the oven, cut off most  of the meat and then started a chicken soup.  Here's the results ready to freeze

I also made a batch of muffin tin meatloaf, also ready for the freezer.  These two chores took me almost all day as company kept popping in. But it was ok because they were all bearing treats.  One had a pie, one had wine, and another showed up with a loaf of homemade bread that was still warm

Gwen makes the best bread!!  

I'm feeling pretty blessed these days.  Happy September all

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Have you seen my tomatoes??

I had a hankering for tacos this weekend and picked up all the ingredients, including 3 lovely tomatoes on the vine.  Today when I started to make supper I went looking for them.  They were nowhere. I checked the entire kitchen and even the car in case they fell out of a bag.  I remember bagging them and they are on my sales receipt so I know I bought them.  But they have vanished.  Poof!!  Now I'm scared in a few days I will smell a nasty surprise somewhere.  

They look just like this.......Have you seen them?  (I fear I'm losing my mind)

This morning I rearranged the furniture upstairs a bit. I'm still not happy with it and will go back to it tomorrow.  I had a visit from my friends Mom.  She makes the best mustard pickles.  She brought me 3 jars and a extra little housewarming gift of a jar with scented pumpkin guest soaps.

And I hooked some more!!!!  Feels so good.  I really like this pattern - it's very primitive which suits me fine.

Looks like Lauren and I got out of our slump on the same day ;)

Fall is definitely in the air.  It was 64 degrees in the house this morning and the cool wind outside would almost knock you over.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

How sweet it is

Ahh, the sweet feel of my hook and strips of wool in my hands.   It's been so long and I really have missed it.  Tonight I decided no more excuses.  I knew once I started it would be great.  And it is.....

This is a Payton Primitives pattern that I picked up when I was in Maine in May.  Has it really been that long?  The slump is over and I've beaten Lauren to the hook!  (Unless of course she actually hooked something today.  Have you Lauren???). Lol.  

I had the afternoon off so I started my long weekend early.  I had lunch with my friend "the bargain hunter".  She brought me a great silver throw pillow for my house and mentioned she saw a fun shelf at  the Thrift Store.   We went to check it out and I loved it.  She definitely has a skill.

Once I get my kitchen repainted this is going on the wall.

I think it will be cute to display china tea cups.  Don't ya think??

Miss Millie had an appointment at the beauty parkour and I stocked up on groceries.   So now we are all set to hunker down and nest for the long weekend.   I can't believe it's almost September but on the bright side, that means cozy sweaters and fabulous boots soon.  :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Notification woes and the blessing of weird friends

You may remember I've mentioned I have had some issues recently with not receiving email notifications from certain blog followers who leave comments.  It's been happening for a few months and only certain people.  It's been driving me nuts.

So yesterday I made a little list of those regular commenters and then checked their email addresses.  Just as I suspected, there was a theme.  Anyone who has an AOL or Yahoo email account is affected. A little google search and I discovered that both have recently made changes to "something techie" to try and limit spam and hackers.  And whatever they changed does not like google.  Here is one link that explains it (a bit)

I was emailing one of my blog buddies Cindy, who is one of "the affected", and sent her the link.  Well, she was on the case!  I discovered, like me, these little tech mysteries drive her nuts too.

Well, after multiple emails and trial and error she fixed hers.  Granted it was somewhat radical, but now I get notification of her comments!   Gotta love it when you find someone who is as weird as you!!  Lol