Friday, August 16, 2013


Today I started to have that ticking clock feeling.  No, not the biological clock......the waning vacation clock.  This is the start of my last weekend of vacation.  I can't complain as I have had a lovely 2+ weeks. But honestly, Monday is getting a little too close for comfort :(

Today another downtown festival began.  I spent some time at noon walking around and seeing all the vendors and festivities.  It's so nice to see our downtown full of people and activity.  There is some momentum being generated in town and you can sense the positive energy.  Then I had lunch with a friend and mid afternoon I treated myself to one of these

Great way to close off the week with a spa massage.  One full hour of pure relaxation.  

 I added another pillow to my etsy shop and started another design.  Since almost all the crafty blogs seem to be working on holiday designs I decided to get started too.  Usually I'm hooking in the season but that doesn't work if you hope to sell it.  Nobody wants to buy a Christmas rug if you don't finish it until January.   It does feel strange though, hooking a snowman in August!

Well I'm going to try and stretch out the next 2 days as long as I can.  And I'm going to buy a lottery ticket - just in case (wink)

Happy Weekend


  1. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. They never last long enough and a massage is such a luxurious way to relax deeply. They just melt away the tension. I haven't had one in three years.

    Happy hooking,

  2. I hope a few extra hours are added to your last days of vacation. Not literally, of course, but that it would feel that way. I can understand that it would hard to be hooking a wintertime rug in August, but as you know, winter in Wisconsin lasts from November through March at least, so it's probably effort well spent.

  3. Hi Kim, a spa massage, how lovely for you and well earned may I add. I'm sorry to read your vacation is coming to an end, but it does sound like you had a great one, lots of good food, time with friends and shopping!!(a new coat is a must to go along with that beautiful butterfly pin... Hope your mom and auntie are doing well, Millie too!!!Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  4. Aaah - I love getting a massage. Good for you. Nice way to end a vacation.

  5. You'll be rested by Monday and ready for work..right? Ha! Well, rested anyway! I do love a nice massage..I wish Jack had a massage therapist in the office. One day maybe! Enjoy the weekend and hooking time! I threw in my $2 last week in hopes of winning 400 million bucks. No luck, but then I thought, "what do I want all that money for anyway? It's just trouble!" Didn't really talk myself out of never buying a ticket again, but I felt better anyway!

  6. I have never had a massage but it sure sounds wonderful 2 weeks is a good vacation. I had one and have been back for one and it feels like I haven't had a vacation.
    But it is Friday so maybe I can enjoy the next couple of days.

  7. Every Monday and back to work is hard but I can't imagine after 2 weeks off how hard it would be.

    Hmmm I like the idea of being pampered with a massage.. need to add that to my list of comforts for me.

  8. So hard to get back to work I'm sure. Time to start planning the next vacation!

  9. lol! I'm always buying lottery tickets at the end of a vacation too! ;-) Good Luck!

  10. Have a lovely day and I can't wait to see your new design.
    Any day hooking is good day.