Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Green tea??

A few nights ago I went out to supper with a girlfriend.  We drove to a nearby town and sat out on a sunny patio, sipping wine and eating good food.  It was one of those last minute decisions and those always seem to be the most fun.  

After dinner we walked about town for a few minutes, popped into a couple of stores and undoubtably entertained the staff with our witty banter.  Lol  Then we decided to make our final stop the cute, quirky little Coffee House.  There is usually an assortment of interesting patrons.  Plus they were setting up for a street festival so in front of the coffee house was an army of hot young men setting up the festival tents.  So naturally we were drawn to watching them.  Nothing like a pair of Cougars drooling over young men eh!!

But I'm getting distracted from my story.  Inside the coffee house we were the only customers.  We ordered a moccachino and a decaf latte.  Nothing too complicated right?  I mean it is a coffee house.....and we were the only customers.    We said we were going outside to sit at the sidewalk cafe tables and she said she would bring them out.   As we walked outside I whispered "they don't seem like the sharpest knives in the drawer". (And I wasn't far wrong)

Eventually she comes out with our drinks.  The coffee was slopped all over the sides of the mug, the foam had all disappeared and there was no pretty powdered stencil design on top.  I took a sip and mine was cold - like a few degrees past luke warm.  My friend picked up her mug and made a face. "The cup doesn't feel like its been washed".  Yuck!   So she takes them both back inside.  The waitress comes back out, tells us she will comp the drinks and make us fresh ones.  These ones arrived warm but the cups still felt icky and the coffee was still slopped over the sides.  

At this point we are laughing and just enjoying the view of the army of muscular young men in front of us.  Now, since we arrived nobody ( I mean nobody) has come inside.  After a few minutes, this "waitress" comes out carrying a teapot and cup.  She looks at our table (with a somewhat stunned, blank look). "Your green tea??"   

.........uhh, No.  Now she is confused and re-enters the shop.  Who was she making this tea for??  There was nobody there.  I wonder if they were smoking that green tea in there?   I'm sure they were smoking something.

Well, at least the night was entertaining. 


  1. Of course that would happen to you...lol!
    You, a cougar??? That wouldn't surprise me a bit. (SO...did the young men get lucky?)
    Hugs :)

  2. Okay..I'm giggling. Maybe the 'green tea' was what she had been 'drinking'. hahaha

  3. Oh, how funny! Hoping the drinks didn't have "ill effects!":-)

  4. I would be willing to bet that she was distracted by all the hunky men too, and couldn't get her work done properly because of it. ;)

  5. Tea hee....oh...I mean tee hee!! ;o) Too funny. How can you be a coffee house and screw up coffee??? Oh well - glad you had something interesting to preoccupy yourselves with. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Grrrrr, you? a Couger? well I'll be... why not?....

    Maybe a ghost ordered the green tea... That's too funny. Did she look a bit like someone from the Twilight Zone?


  7. It sure sounds like they were on something! lol

  8. lol! Maybe they were mesmerized by the muscles accross the street too! ;-)

  9. You have the most fun!!! Now yu know why no one else was there!

  10. Now you know why no one was there or maybe you entered the twilight zone. I think the whole cup being dirty would have done it for me. I am glad the rest of the evening was fun.

  11. Now we know why no one was there.


  12. Oh, so funny. ;)
    I was recently in a new coffee house that took so long to make a little creature (a panda bear), in the foam of my cappuccino, that the coffee arrived to me cold. ;(
    I am glad it was a fun time and a memory !