Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Are you shitting me??

I thought it was over.  I was wrong.  My battle with the telephone company rages on.  If you remember, I blogged about it last month.  They told me my problem was fixed.  And I foolishly believed them. 

Shame on me!  Yesterday I get a letter from them saying my pre-authorized payment was declined and my bill was unpaid for this month.   Ok, I admit it.......I lost it.  I dialed the number so hard I'm surprised the phone still works. 

And of course you never get the same tech you dealt with before so you have to start from the beginning of your story EVERY SINGLE TIME.  And this time I have the statement and account numbers for both accounts in my hand.

I was on the phone about 40 minutes and I was not a happy camper.  I won't bore you will the entire idiotic, asinine exchange but my patience with this company is thin.  At about the 25 minutes mark he tells me he needs to put me on hold to "talk to a supervisor".  Hahaha.  Do I believe that?  No.....  I'm guessing he put me on hold, and leaned over the next cubicle and said "I've got a real crazy beeatch on the line this time?  You know, I'm sure they do that.

He "says" it's fixed now.  But my hopes are not high for the next billing cycle.  I'm ready to switch to a competitor for service. 

And yes, at one point in the call, when he contradicted himself for the 2nd time in about a minute, I did actually say "Are you shitting me??" 


  1. Phone problems are the pits! (Also that rhyming word of yours!) After a couple hours on the phone with my carrier and Apple, and 3 iPhones in a week, I may actually have a phone that works! God, I love technology...NOT!
    I hope your problem has been resolved. Too bad you have to wait a month to find out.
    Hugs :)

  2. We had problems with Rogers and my husband switched with Bell Aliant and they are no better. We are paying an arm and a leg for their service. Our bills are double what it was with these smart phones.

    I hope that you get your bill fixed. Go to the ombudsman if you don't get satisfaction.

  3. LOL! Oh my gosh I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh but it just makes me giggle that you actually said that. I've always *wanted* to say that, but never had the nerve. I would say don't even give them the chance for another bill cycle. Just switch!

  4. OMG! I guess phone companies aren't any better in Canada... we had same type of issues with our phone company... so we switched to the cable co for phone service (great service)... THEN our cell service USED TO be great..; and is now starting to behave like the phone company... but, 2 yr contract has us tied to them... SO... "contract" seems to be synonymous with "no-service"... lol!

  5. I would switch in a New York Minute. There is no reason for that kind of service. I do realize that working with phone companies is like pulling out your fingernails one by one.
    I bet he did do that too leaned over and said something mean,
    Well I hope you have a lovely day today.

  6. Kim I am so sorry you are having to mess with this whole thing. We don't have a home phone and our cell provider has been good to us for years but I know that could change in a second! If you could switch I certainly would.

  7. Tell them you are switching, sometimes it helps. they don't like to lose customers

  8. oh no I sure hope they fixed it this time. I do think they put you on hold to bitch to the person next to them.
    I threw a major fit this week. I ordered a computer on line from Dell and checked 2 day shipping. Now one would think that I would get the computer in 2 days right???
    Nope it will be 2 days after it is built in 10-15 days. Of course I am talking to India which I have no issue with India except I can't understand anything they are saying! and this is customer service for an American company I speak English fluently. So after 1/2 I said forget it I am getting no where and hung up Lord help me I was sooo mad.

  9. Lady, you need baked goods...STAT!!!!!

  10. I think you SHOULD switch to another company. Start fresh somewheres. Will there be any benefits for staying with the same company for a long time?