Monday, August 12, 2013

Scrappy stuff

I added 2 new pieces to my Etsy store today.  I got up this morning and started binding these things first thing, before I could get distracted and do the typical binding procrastination.   Impressive, right?  Lol 

I really had fun with the little scrappy project.  It measures 14x9 and was a good way to use up the leftover worms. 

And in true scrappy style, you will notice I ran out of the color after hooking 3 sides of the border so the bottom border is a different color.  Very primitive but I like it.

I also finished the Bittersweet Sheep pillow.   It's 12x12 so would tuck in the corner of a chair perfectly 

If you want to give either of them a new home just head to my Etsy store.  Momma needs to buy more wool.  :) 

I just got home from seeing We're The Millers at the theatre.  It was slow starting but the 2nd half was funny.  And the out-takes at the end were hysterical.   And a big bucket of popcorn is always a good thing!!


  1. Very pretty - you are extremely talented girl.

  2. Cute little sheep pillow!! You're having a productive vacation!!

  3. These are great! Love that sheep pillow! Congrats on using existing stash to create these!

  4. Like both the mat and pillow. Sometimes I think the out takes are funnier than the parts they left in.


  5. Beautiful!!! I especially like the sheep piece!

  6. Very nice hooking. You do such a nice job.
    I am so glad you had a nice day, Any day with popcorn is a good day.

  7. great projects, especially the sheep pillow.

  8. What a productive gal you are. Having fun hooking and making money at the same time while on vacation. Wow!.