Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Re-Hooking Question

It's not something any hooker likes to do - pulling out our work and re-doing it. The truth is, when I first started hooking I refused to do. It just seemed like a pain in the butt, waste of time. When something wasn't working or didn't look right, I either abandoned the project or just quickly finished it and stuffed it in a corner. Seems stupid now! But then again I consider some of those pieces to be good learning experiences (what not to do)

I am hooked on sheep lately and started another one the other night. I found a great piece of darkish brown plaid in my stash which I thought would be a nice background. The problem became evident quickly

His black head, tail, and legs virtually disappeared in the background. It looks like just a white blob. So this time re-hooking was an easy decision. Here is the latest version

Better I think, and worth the extra 5 minutes. Not great pictures because I took them at night. I need to plan better and get my photos in the daylight.

I'm already thinking of another project. I bought a few pieces of new wool at Deanne Fitzpatrick's yesterday. Ahhhh, new there anything better?

I need to get a few smallish projects done and listed on Etsy. (So I will have more wool-buying money)

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  1. It is a good thing I guess that there are no wool stores around me. Today I wanted so bad to go wool shopping. It is going to be warm on Saturday so I can open up the house and dye wool. That is as close as it gets. :) I love your sheep. Really, you wouldn't do reverse hooking? That is so funny.
    Have fun.

  2. Nope, I never hesitate to rip my wool worms out, love that sound.LOL I keep attempting different colors till I get it right or should I say what looks right to me. Love your little sheep, the mat is coming along nicely...

  3. Hi Kim, I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I must say removing wool is much easier than ripping out cross stitch! Love your sheep. ~Ann

  4. You can definitely see the second one better.


  5. Kim ~
    When I first started hooking, I was so slow I refused to reverse hook, too :)
    Your little sheepy is too sweet. I started another Star Rug Company sheep today.
    Is that Rebecca's reversible black? That is my FAVORITE wool and I'm almost out. I need to be ordering some soon.
    Almost Friday ~ YEAH!!!
    Hugs :)

  6. LOL I love the e-card! I have always wanted to learn how to hook rugs. It looks like it would be a fun hobby!

  7. Well GalPal, I didn't make it far....but I did make it here and did my ritual catch-up. What can I say - but your life sounds so much more fulfilling right about now than mine.... Really, Banana chocolate rum cake? Four Skins Wine? Hello.... Ok - the shoveling, not so much. Along with my other maladies, my back is out. Since my husband "doesn't" shovel, and Lil' Crow can't, we rely on snow dog to trot a path. Yeah. It's that bad. Anywho - glad to hear your mom survived the surgery ok and things are working their way back to a new normal. I keep reaching, but can't quite grasp that.... Lovin' your know crows and their sheep afflictions!! :o) Smiles & Many Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I love the sheep either way, but then I'm a little biased toward sheep. It does look better with the lighter color though. Ahh, new wool... I need to go yarn shopping! :)

  9. I am a member of the I hate to reverse hook club. I agree it looks so much better and this rug I have been doing a lot of it. I love your little sheep.

  10. I'm not a hooker but I hate to redo anything so I think I understand the pain. I like the lighter version too. It's really pretty with the plaid. Go and buy new wool and enjoy your weekend!

  11. I have no creative experience at all, always impressed by your fab skills.

  12. I like his tan head, but loved the black one...easier to take out the head than the background I imagine. I have to stick to fairly simple projects like rubber stamping where the work is quick and not so difficult to start over!