Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sleep and Sheep

The most exciting thing to happen today is I slept in until 9:30 this morning! It was heavenly. And the rest of the day was fairly normal. I think we've turned the corner.

The most energetic thing I did today was go get a big grocery order. I've been letting things slide this week and we were getting a little low on the basics. I only had one egg left, so it was a good thing we all slept through breakfast ;). And tonight I cooked an actual meal - first time all week. Grilled haddock fillets in panko crust and scalloped potatoes.

And I have hooked for a short time today. Once I pulled those first few loops I realized how much I have missed it. This is just a small mat but it was therapeutic

Just a simple sheep and some flowers. Maybe some Spring birds next.... You could definitely call me a "happy hooker" today.

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  1. Cute sheep! I spent the day stitching!

  2. Well my friend, that was a great day for you. I'm so glad that you finally got to sleep in. Something that I want so much but never can do even when I'm dead tired.

    I hope that you got more than the basic though. Some little sinful tasty treat perhaps...

    I love your little spring sheep or maybe, lamb.
    I'll have to try getting back to my hooking when I get back. So far this winter, I just didn't feel like it. The Mojo is somewhere under the snow and ice. Ha ha ha.... Sigh...

    Take care of yourself too. I hope that yo have a good sleep again tonight.

  3. Adorable rug! It sounds like the perfect day for you!

  4. Kim ~
    I'm happy to hear that life is returning to normal, whatever that may be.
    Sweet rug!
    Hugs :)

  5. I am glad things are returning to normal for you.
    The rug is so cute!

  6. That sheep is adorable. I love it. Do you sell all the rugs you make or keep them in the house - just wondering.

  7. Yahoo for 9:30! I love to sleep in. so glad things are settled down for you it has been a very trying time.
    you deserve the sleep.

  8. Love the does look like Spring! Congrats on sleeping in's what I look forward to every Sat! I'm glad your Mom is doing well and I hope next week is a good one for you both.

  9. I love those days where errands are done, projects go well, and there's good food to eat. Perfect! Your sheep is so cute! Nice job.

  10. Good for you my friend, guess you needed it......Love the sheep, great job so far, Francine.

  11. well it sounds like you had a nice saturday! i hope your sunday is just as nice! love your rug kim! enjoy your day!

  12. Lovely springy and cute sheep. It makes me happy just looking at the colors. I am glad you got to be a happy hooker. I had to stop for awhile as my hand just wouldn't work anymore. I think it is better now.
    I hope today is just as nice of a day. Yay for Sundays!

  13. Gads! 9:30 is sleeping through breakfast?!?! I love that happy lambie.

  14. How nice...
    Love your sheep wonderful mat.
    Woolie hugs

  15. Oh sheep! How cute! He just looks so happy and springy! I'm so glad you got to sleep in this morning, and that life is getting back normal-ish. :)

  16. Each time I see your hooking, I'm inspired to take out my old project again! Love your sheep!