Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feeling the love - Part 2

Things are improving a bit. Thursday night and Friday were rough for Mom. She was wide awake and agitated badly after we got home from the hospital. So agitated in fact, she was awake until 6am. And then she got sick. Big Time. After being up all night with her, the clean up task was not fun. But once she "got rid of that" she went to sleep. But less than 3 hours later she was up again.
Last night she slept a bit more but is still restless. We can tell she is having pain but seems a bit more like herself today. She's eating again which is good news. I'm hoping she lets me sleep tonight because I'm starting to feel like a zombie.

But a very loved zombie! And Mom too - she has lots of friends who love her and the phone calls and drop offs have been amazing. Yesterday several of her old friends arrived at the door with donuts, cookies, flowers, fresh rolls, chocolates. A sweet blog friend, Kim sent me some beautiful handmade hearts all the way from California. They arrived Friday morning, just when I was about at my lowest. Perfect timing for sure. Today one of my friends made us a large lasagna. It's party size :) So thoughtful!!

And I can't say enough good things about the VON and our home care nursing support. They were here last night and again today. They've been angels and answered all my crazy questions and helped ease my mind.

So blog friends, we are doing OK. Thank you for your concern :)

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  1. I hope things get back to normal (or as close to normal as they can get) soon. Thanks for keeping us updated. Ronda

  2. Thanks for the updates!! Agitation and sleep deprivation are not fun, but hopefully now things will improve as she gets more comfortable. Hope you continue to "feel the love"!!!!

  3. Hopefully things will get better with each day.

  4. Thinking of you! Can you email me your address when you have a spare ten seconds?

  5. Evening Kim, thats good Mom is getting along a bit better, hopefully each day stronger.......So nice to hear friends are helping.......Take Care, Francine.

  6. Kim ~
    I hope mom gets a little better each day and you can get some much needed rest!
    Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Hugs :)

  7. So happy your Mom is doing some better. Hope you can get some sleep tonight, else you may get sick too. Keep encouraged.


  8. So happy to hear that Mom seems to be doing better. Hope you get some rest soon....perhaps some relief care will allow for some much needed sleep. Good luck to you and Mom.

  9. I am so glad for the update. I know this has been such a hard time. I am glad she seems to be a bit more like herself.
    I will be praying for rest for you all tonight.

  10. Hi Kim, I'm glad that your mom is starting to feel more like herself again. I'm sure that she must be a bit uncomfortable. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    I haven't had time to comment on blogs but I felt that I had to come visit here to give you a little hug under the circumstances.

    I'm sending some love too and I hope that tomorrow will be even better.

  11. I hope your mom feels better soon and you can both get some rest. Prayers for you both.

  12. I'm so glad that things are starting to settle down for her. What a blessing to have such friends to rally around you both right now. When I had my surgery we had a fluke of a flash flood that happened. Our kids were stuck at the MIL's for 3 days! We couldn't get out to get them. Our church had food for us and they couldn't get here to get it to us. Thank God I had enough foresight to have some things around the house that would be easy for my husband to fix.

  13. So glad she and you are getting the love. I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.

  14. Dearest Kim,
    I'm so glad you are surrounded by so many friends who are so great and caring! I will keep sending prayers for strength for you and your Mom! May each day bring improvement and that much needed shut eye for you all!!!
    Big Hugs!!
    Cathy G

  15. You are an angel and very deserving of all the kindness and love sent your way! Healing thoughts to your mom and peaceful thoughts to you!!

  16. I hope your Mom continues to improve Kim and all of you get back to your daily routine. I am still praying and still thinking of you.

  17. Dear Kim,
    I am just catching up on a a weeks worth of posts from the blogs I follow. You have been having a stressful time. Hoping that your Mom continues improving. Sending prayers for both your Mom and for you.

  18. I hope your Mom is doing better today and you got some rest.
    Best wishes to you and Mom!

  19. Thinking of your Kim! Hope you get some rest!

  20. I'm praying you will get the rest you need to continue with the love, support and attention you always give your mother.