Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lately I've had lots of things rolling around in this old brain. Mostly things I don't understand. Really serious head-scratcher stuff ahead....

- Why is Manti Teo headline news for weeks? Is he the first young person to be duped on the Internet?

- How desperate was that model for money to do that GoDaddy commercial? Still ewwww

- What is this trend on the Internet with cats and bread on their head? Have you seen this? What does it mean...?? I don't get it. Do you?

- Anonymous help? I've been getting a fair number of very helpful anonymous comments (which are quickly deleted), directing me to some very useful websites. Hmmm, yeah right! I'd be more than happy to share this "helpful" info. If you have bad credit, are looking for a "special" date, or my favorite.....if you need help with genital warts......(yes, I said it) just let me know because I can send you the links. LOL I hate spam!!

Just a few things that have been bugging me lately. What's bugging you?

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  1. The only thing that has been bugging me are those anonymous emails coming to me from other blogs that are no longer active. I only opened one last fall and I have deleted all of them without opening them. Very annoying.

    I haven't seen the commercial you are talking about but it must be ridiculous.

    What a waste of a good slice of bread. That cat has nice eyes though.

    Better bundle up little Millie, poor little thing. It's supposed to go down to -24 C. Would she go on newspaper in the bathtub?


  2. All the above bothers me too. What really drives me crazy is the drug commercials. By the time they go through all the side effects, I wonder why you would take them. Another one is when watching the news, they keep saying "coming up...." I usually end up missing the coming up story. Get tired of waiting. Have a great weekend!

  3. Alot of things are bugging me lately Millie. The list is much too long to go into here.

    I'm not sure about wordpress blogs but on Blogger there is a setting that does not allow anonymous comments.


  4. I have been getting a few of those helpful comments too.

  5. Those kinds of comments go into the Spam area where I can go and read and/or delete them. My settings don't allow anonymous comments because I started getting some mean ones. Which brings me to what bugs me: mean people.

  6. The Go Daddy commercial was gross.

  7. Ugh yes, I hate the spam too. My personal favorites are the ones that are slightly insulting (Your blog is great! Except/But it would so much better if you *insert what they're selling*). Ugh. I'm still haunted by that commercial too... Nightmares, nightmares...

  8. Ha! I said the same exact thing about the GoDaddy commercial (well, right after I spewed my beverage in an unlady-like fashion....) :o EWWW! I am confused, too, my friend...about lots of things...why I haven't seen a cat with bread on its head; why I have to get the (respiratory kind of) flu with incessant coughing at the precise time my back goes out; why it isn't "too cold to snow" like my mother told me; and why some of us confuse Millie and Kim... ;o) Arghhh...time to find some Mucinex or something and find my bed.... Hugs (sorry...smiles are hard to come by these days....) ~ Robin

  9. I have to agree with Pumruncreek about the drug commercials and in particular I am really tired of seeing that cialis commercial right as we sit down to dinner. Turning off TV is not an option, I live with someBODY that just HAS to see the news in the evening at 5:30. My #1 thing that confuses and bugs me, family and friends that text or talk on their cells while I/we are sitting there with them at there invitation. Hello! I am a real live person right here in front of you to talk to. Stop with the phone. Ahhh. Thanks Kim for letting me get that out!

  10. The cat is cute. I have anonymous taken off my comment list.

  11. Well I wondered about the news and who in the heck cares about that Teo guy. I haven't known about all of the other things you talked about and thank goodness I missed that commercial.
    I am glad to know what bugs you. There are lots of things that I think I am just going to do a post about that.
    I hope you stay warm today.

  12. I despise the rolling banners at the bottom of the TV screen. Whose stupid idea was that and who do I call to get rid of it? Like it would do any good!

  13. Thank you for saying what I feel, Kim. I think things like the story about Manti Teo taking up so much news time is a sad statement on what our society finds interesting and engaging. I hadn't seen the bread head cat until this posting! Once will be fine, it's funny, that's enough. I'm with the other person who commented on TV commercials. I've noticed that they even play commercials about ED during the children's programs my grandchildren watch from time to time. HUH?????

  14. I think you should forward the 'cats with bread on head' links to the 'genital wart cure' commenter (via wart-website-contact) Maybe if that commentor spent more time looking at various bread-head-cats (see, I was good and did not say pussy (till here), lol)they'd have less time to bother you! Just sayin.....

    *And don't even get me started on go-daddy. It wouldn't be nice. Or short.

    *Come to think of it, if I were to list all the things that don't make sense (to me) that wouldn't be short either, roflmo. The cause of the length of my list could be ME, or the WORLD, or both. Who can say for certain!? :-)


  15. Yes, yes, yes! I didn't watch the game and just caught the commercial yesterday. Gross. I guess I'm old and prude, lol. I saw a picture of Beyonce's outfit too.... or lack thereof. Really? I had to put word verification on because the spam comments were getting crazy. I'm sure it stops people from commenting, but it lessens my stress.

  16. I've been getting a lot of anonymous comments too, very annoying!

  17. Whats bugging me would be Morris wanting a three in the morning snack!