Monday, February 4, 2013

The Un-Monday and a little Downton talk

This afternoon, just as I was getting home from work, I received a text message from a far away friend - just saying hi and hoping I had a good Monday. Monday?? This may go in the category of "may never happen again", that was the first time all day that I realized it was Monday! Can you imagine??

It may have something to do with the way my day started. First I arrived at work, plopped down in my chair and across my desk was a brand new monitor. A giant big-ass monitor! Now that's a nice surprise, right? Then the carpenter arrived to put up my new wall at the entrance to my office.

It just makes a little alcove into my office and its amazing how much it cuts down on the noise. It's gonna be great :). Soon it will officially be the "cave of silence".

So, I notice there are lots of Downton Abbey fans in my little blog circle so I thought a little day after wrap up might be fun. Every week there are always a few memorable lines.
The Dowager Countess talking to the doctor "Lie is so unmusical a word"
Didn't you love it when the ladies all stood up to Lord Grantham at the luncheon (cooked by a former prostitute), and refused to leave? Gasp! Violet again, "It seems a pity to miss a good pudding"
And my favorite - Mrs Patmore "Do I look like a frolicker?" (Snort). Uhmm, the answer is NO

What was your favorite line?

Thanks for all the compliments on the rug. You're all sweet. I hope you all had an un-Monday.

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  1. Dang Superbowl, I missed Downton Abbey. In just Mr. Dog Trot said these words "don't even think of touching that remote" I complied, he did get us tickets to Tasha Tudor after all... Sounds like some pretty neat updates to your office, good for you... Hugs, Julie.

  2. Did you pinched yourself to see if you were dreaming? lol...
    I'm glad that you had a great Monday and you even weren't aware it was Monday.
    That's a good one. haha.
    Remember when I said that I didn't see that all days were the same to me because i work 7 days a week?
    Well today was a Monday, believe me. I had a bad day. A bad Monday...
    Maybe I should watch that show but I don't even know on which channel. We have basic.

    Take care and enjoy your finding out what's your favorite lines.

  3. I have some unneeded words in that sentence... it's mMonday, hahaha
    Take out "I didn't see that". What the heck was I writing???

    JB on Monday

  4. I do a little recap on Monday, and my favorite lines were Mrs. P's frolicker line and also when she said that anyone who has limbs can make a salmon mousse. I love the pudding line, but the dowager always has good lines. I had to hand it to Mrs. P last night.

  5. I've only just discovered Downton and we're traveling between Season 1 and the current one. I just love it, and am a little embarrassed to admit that after my mother raved about it and I said something like "Pfftshshsh" I was all into Once Upon A Time but I abandoned that one in a heartbeat after one episode of Downton. I just love Maggie Smith.

  6. Hi Kim, Monday was o.k. with me, layed low......Never watched that show, should I???? Blessings Francine.

  7. It was great. I loved all of those lines too. I still dream about it at night when I watch it.
    It just cracks me up that you didn't realize it was Monday.

  8. I am totally stuck on that show I loved it that those ladies stood up to lord Grantham. I think he is losing control.
    glad you are going to get a cave of silence.

  9. My Monday started as usual then when I got to work we had cancellations and I ended up leaving at 11:00...nice! Enjoyed a very snowy day. I love DA and there are so many great moments I can't even begin to remember them all! I've turned my Sister and my Mom into fans in one week...they are watching all the old episodes and the new ones at the same time! Hope you have a great "UN" Tuesday also!

  10. Last week I almost quit watching after Sybil died! But then I couldn't get over the awesome acting in that scene. Do you think the Dr. and the dowager are in cahoots to get the Lord and Lady G back together again? Somethings fishy there!
    Glad your getting a silent cave installed... I hope they come and check on you if it gets too quiet ... LOL!
    Cathy G

  11. glad to read you had a wonderful monday-the silence will be awesome at work

  12. Mondays are difficult around here, so we never mistake it for another day! I need to start watching Downton Abbey.

  13. Have you seen Mrs. Patmore dressed up as "herself"??? I had to read the caption to see who it was - she's quite nice looking and does indeed smile! I am saving the new season of DA....I adore it.

  14. I missed this weeks episode ~ thanks for the highlights!!!