Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bobbins and bindings

I have a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine. I guess we don't truly understand each other. I rarely use it, only to finish the edges on rugs. And because I procrastinate the binding process I don't turn it on often. And it seems like whenever I do, something the cursed bobbin runs out!

This morning I "found" an unfinished project and decided to bind it and list it on etsy. (Momma needs to buy more wool so I hope it sells quick. Hehehe). So I sew about 6 inches and the bobbin was empty. One failed attempt at filling it led to a tangled mess. Attempt #2 worked but then I ran out of thread half way through. Arrgh!

I think the thread company's should package a spool of thread with 2 filled bobbins. Wouldn't that be a great idea?? Anyway, a quick run to the store and I was back in business.

Here is the little rug that was a free pattern in the Fall edition of Rug Hooking magazine

Now listed on Etsy! Hopefully there will be a couple more listing this week.
Tonight I'm heading out with a friend to see a play. Should be fun. Happy Saturday

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  1. Very cute, I love the colors. I hope you are having a nice day. I have been dyeing wool all day. I just finished. Now it is drying.
    I hope it sells fast.

  2. Hi Kim, I hate sewing...not my favorite thing.....Love your hooked rug, very sweet, Blessings Francine.

  3. Very sweet rug, Kim! I, too, need to sell some things so I can buy my Snapdragon.
    Enjoy your evening out.
    Hugs :)

  4. The rug is so cute.

    I have never mastered filling the bobbin on my new sewing machine which I have had for over a year now. :-(

  5. My purple kitchen loves that project and demands that I go to etsy to check it out. It is completely ignoring my inquiry as to where any wall space is available!

  6. Love your little rug! I know what you mean about bobbins. In my case having the tensions somehow change, making interesting but highly insecure seams. Kind of like hangers tangling in the closet---how do they do that all by themselves? Luckily, I've found a nice shop that will take my machine in hand at least once a year. Hope you enjoy the play!

  7. Love your new little rug! I do a lot of sewing, quilting, etc., on my machine, and I buy packages of bobbins, then fill them all up at once with a neutral tan/taupe thread, so that I always have at least 8 full bobbins of a neutral color, and also one of black.


  8. Cute little rug! I don't even know how to use a sewing machine.

  9. It's a nice rug and I hope it sells quickly for you gal!

  10. Ooooo what a happy little rug that is! Should be a quick sell! I sorta have a love-hate relationship w/ my machine too - I truly LOVE my machine, and don't mind sewing or even winding bobbins, but it's the getting it out and putting it away that stinks. I just need a bigger house. But I did have to snicker when I saw your post title.... When Little Crow was really little, he called "bottoms" (like pajama bottoms, etc.) "bobbins", we still refer to things as "tops and bobbins." Hope the play was good...yikes, it's been years since I saw a play...... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I can remember my mother hating to thread her bobbin. That task must be universally dreaded. The rugs are lovely.

  12. I too love and hate sewing machines and yet I like to quilt. Last night I turned another heel on a sock.I have to get back to rug hooking! Your rug looks nice I hope it sells quickly too,Cheri