Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Tuesday Ramble

I'll start with the best part - I'm starting a little mini vacation as of this afternoon. Yay! This morning I had to travel for a meeting with another co-worker. Snow showers, fog, and slick roads but we arrived safe and had a good meeting. On the way home the roads were better and we stopped at the Masstown Market for lunch. It's quite a great place and I now realize I should have taken pictures. Oops.
While we were having lunch we saw a old school friend who joined us. That was an added bonus. And I picked up supper to bring home - their famous seafood pie

I will definitely be picking up one of these again.

Tonight I am hooking a bit on a sunflower before DWTS starts. It's not that great this season but I am eternally optimistic that it will get better. However I am no longer eternally optimistic that there will be a Spring this year. There is some kind of cold, wet or white event everyday since "march 20th". It is still very much winter here. I'm sick of thinking about Spring. It's just a cruel taunt now. Pfft, whatever!

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  1. We are watching DWTS as well. It is entertainment!

  2. DWTS ~ me, too ~ optimistic ~ there's no where to go but up!!!! Enjoy your mini vacay!!!

  3. Mmmmm... that seafood pie could keep me distracted from the Pfft weather outside! lol!

  4. I'm with you, spring can't get here fast enough!

  5. CH watched DWTS! I played on the computer.. :) I think Spring is going to get its stuff together here this week. Fingers crossed!

  6. Morning Kim, yum yum, looks great......I have been watching DWTS too, love Kellie Pickler, my fav so far......As for Spring, will it ever come but then so will the flood Blessings Francine.

  7. That seafood pie looks like it got some serious yummy inside... I love seafood.

    I saw my first robin outside yesterday here in Ottawa and the snow has finally started to thaw.
    I don't even know what I'm going to do if spring shows up. I might just ignore it and go right on to summer, lol.


  8. Yes! Seafood Pie! Sounds like a real winner!

    Spring will come when we least expect it.:-) We are having glimpses of sunshine today here, and the wind has calmed a lot!

  9. The seafood pie sounds delicious!

  10. Mmm, mmm that seafood pie looks delicious! Making my mouth water actually....

    Have faith! Spring will come! Eventually...

  11. I've never had seafood pie-sound so good!
    Have fun on your break.

  12. that seafood pie looks so good. we are looking forward to 1-3 inches of snow tonight to tomorrow. oh yeah. I need spring I really need some really good sun we have a day or two of it and then we are in the clouds for 5 days. the little easter egg hunters will need to wear boots and a winter coat on Sunday.Enjoy your mini vacation.

  13. Seafood pie????? Oh my, not sure I'd like 'seafood pie'....

    Glad you had a safe adventure. Sounds like fun (even though you had seafood pie....lol!

    Here is south Texas it's definitely spring time... I love it!

    You need to move further south.

    Have a great break....