Monday, March 11, 2013

Ring the bell

My office is next door to a Church. Every day at 10am and 3pm the bells ring. It's become a comforting routine. The afternoon bells in particular tell me my afternoon is at the mid point. Today however the bells were momentarily less comforting. All of a sudden I heard them ringing and thought "wow, this was a long afternoon". Then I noticed the clock - 4pm. Guess the time change even affected the bells (or at least the bell programmer)

We have a few jokes around the house about ringing bells but unless you live here in crazy-town it will make no sense.

Chicky pillow is done and ready for shipping to its new home. I selected a wool for the backing but no picture yet because I want Pix to be surprised :). I have just enough burlap left for another small piece. Any suggestions?

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  1. I love the sound of church bells. I remember getting to ring the church been when I was a teen and best friends with the Pastor's daughter! I really like the ones that play a song too. Another church in the town my mom lives in had those after I moved so I never heard them. We figure someone complained about them because she says she don't hear them anymore.

  2. Not too many churches are ringing their bells now a day. It's nice that your town has a bell ringing church to mark the midday point but at 4o'clock???
    Maybe the bell ringer was just showing someone how to ring the bell.

    Good for you for getting the chicky pillow done. I think that it's time to do a Millie chair pad for your mom or auntie or Millie herself.
    Have a great week.

  3. Hells bells! Hopefully they will get the time adjusted.
    Hugs :)

  4. So funny about the bells. I never thought about that before. I bet is nice to listen to them during the day.
    I wish I had some idea, I am in a hooking slump and I pick up my hook and stare at it and then put it down and go do something else. I will get over soon I think. You always come up with such cute things. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.

  5. The same thing happens to the lights at school zones! We have two schools very nearby, and we weren't out today at dismissal times.:)

  6. hi kim! love your chicken mat! cute! always fun to finish a project!! enjoy your evening!!

  7. Our church has been ringing bells alot too very softly.

  8. Going to Catholic school my whole dang school life we always heard the bells at the church and I have happy memories of hearing them. I found them comforting too. I am so excited to see Miss Chicky. We are ready for her.. :)We promise to treat her well!