Sunday, October 23, 2011

Proud as a peacock

Yep, I'm a little proud of myself tonight.  Since we last talked, I managed to get a lot of little pain-in-the-butt jobs scratched off my list.

I have been without my handyman lately.  Poor guy has had a serious health issue in the past few weeks and it looks like he is officially retired.  The doctor and wife have both laid down the law.  So, now I'm in a bit of a bind. 

There are lots of things I can do but not enough to keep this 100 year old house functioning.   So I supposed I will have to start auditioning new replacements.  Young and buff wouldn't hurt (heehee).  

He and his wife came for a brief visit today and he showed me a few things I needed to do in the basement before the weather turns colder.  This old house has a rock wall foundation and a mud floor basement, so you can imagine how much I LOVE going down there.  (Where the spiders live.....)   But I put on my big girl panties, went down (to where the spiders live), reached my hand in a few cobwebs (ewwww) and drained all the pipes to the outside water sources.  The last cobweb was a big one, so "find new handyman" is moving high up on the list of to-do's.

Then I tackled that pile of wool I was complaining about the other day.  I went to all the various household hiding places and dumped everything on the living room floor and started to sort.  I am too ashamed to show you the photo of the entire floor so this is just about 1/4 of the mess.

The last bag I looked in (of course) was the one I was looking for the other night.  So now that I had found all the wool, I put all the small leftover worms together in one hit 'n miss bag and the other pieces of un-cut wool are together, somewhat color sorted and stowed away in the bedroom. 

No excuses now, so I started to hook again.  Yay, it felt great.  And in only a very short time I managed to get this done

Doesn't he look happy ?  I should have half the background finished later tonight.  I wish I had the committment to hook a large rug, but for now I like doing the little ones.   Who knows, he might be a pillow soon.

As usual, the weekend has flow by much too quickly.   Lets hope the next 5 days fly by so another weekend will be here quickly.


  1. Hi Kim,Looks good.What a joyful snowman.Cheri

  2. I love your little snowman and he does look so cute. Well, I am pretty envious of you having all of that lovely, lovely wool. I get sort of miserly with mine. I take it out and look at it. I need to turn it into rugs instead of hoarding it.
    Well, I would be creeped out about the basement too.
    You are brave to do that. I hope you find a nice, young, hot, handyman.
    I won't tell you about the psycho I hired one time.
    I had to lock my doors to keep him outside. I hope you find a good one.
    I hope your week gets off to a good start.

  3. Woohoo! You did it! Organization is your middle name!
    The snowman is just adorable...good job!!

  4. I'm VERY proud of you because EW-EWWWW - I hate cobwebs! I'd have to put on huge plastic gloves and hip wader boots - even though the boots make no sense. And goggles. You're a brave girl. Your house is 100 years old? Does it have ghosts? Not to freak you out - just wondering. When I lived in the east a million years ago I had a friend who lived in a house that was (then) about 100 years old. And it had ghosts. Playful ones, but they were there.

  5. Kim ~
    Congrats on getting some pain-in-the-butt jobs crossed off the list! And congrats on putting hook to linen and working on that adorabe snowguy. He is very sweet!
    Good luck with the handyman hunt - hot or not!
    Hugs :)

  6. Love the joyful snowman! Just what you needed to get you back in the hooking groove! Yay!
    I can relate to the cobwebs and spiders in the basement! Everyday is like Halloween! I'd be finding a handyman with a cute behind in a heartbeat too! But sounds like you have things under control when you have to! Good woman!
    Have a successful week at work!
    Cathy G

  7. I would need more than my big girl panties on! You are a brave women to venture down into the land of spiders. Very cute little rug and yes, he looks very happy! Have a great Monday, Julie.

  8. What a gloriously jolly fellow he is!! LOVE him!! He just shouts happy and makes your feel all warm and melty inside....I was just reminded I have two more Christmas stockings to hook....hmmmm...haven't seen my hook for several months now. Could it be in one of your little stashes of wool perchance??? ;o) Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. That snowman is just too cute! I'm still working on a big old pumpkin and I've about had enough! I with you on sticking to the smaller mats for a while! I'll be hoping with fingers crossed that you find a good cute handyman soon. Nothing more stressful than home repairs that you can't do yourself...which are all of them in my world! Have a great week!

  10. Oh my gosh, I love him, I love that snowman!!!!! I think the fact that your wool was in bags makes the entire mess almost completely excusable!

  11. Kim that snowman is darling! There is much to be said for big girl panties, especially when it comes to spiders!

  12. Kim, you are all organized and it was worth it. Look at that cute snowman. Just adorable. Now that you have everything under control, have a great hooking time. Hugs. JB

  13. Inspire me please! I love the snowman. He seems to be saying "Alleluia! She found me!"...Now have some fun, you deserve it!

  14. The snowman is adorable!! And I agree, get a new handyman, I HATE basements, spiders and webs and.....all that yucky stuff!!

  15. Ah...facing the stash. Wasn't it kind of fun, once you got into it? I can get lost for hours sorting colors. How do you sort your colors and scraps?