Thursday, October 27, 2011

Julia's locked out

Hi everyone,  Just passing on a little information to help a fellow blogger.  I received an email last night from Julia  from the blog  Of Petals and Wool. 

She is locked out of her blogger account and can't access her blog.  Also she is unable to leave any comments on your blogs.  She is working on a solution and hopes to be back up really soon.   I will keep everyone posted.   Julia and I share a lot of common followers so this seemed to be the best way to get the word out.

Good luck Julia,  we can't wait until you are back.


  1. Oh No! Julia hang in there. Blogger is a pain. There are some bloggers I can't even leave comments to also.Hi Kim That is so nice to get the word out. Cheri

  2. How sweet are you to dod that for her!!!

  3. Thanks so much Kim for doing this for me. I appreciate your help very much. I started another blog in the meantime and called it More Petals and Wool, lol. I don't know where this one will take me.

    I hope that my followers will try to join me on the new one.Thanks again for getting the word out there. I lost Kim's of My Fields of Dreams' email. I sent her an email and it bounced back.

    Hugs. JB