Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot and bothered

At the risk of repeating myself and sharing an often unpopular sentiment ----- Its just too HOT.   Today was 32 degrees and the forecast tomorrow is 34 degrees.  My house is an oven and my poor Mom and Auntie are really struggling. 

Its such a worry, especially as Mom has lost alot of her communication skills and so I just have to try and guess what she needs.  She wouldn't eat any meals today (hard to blame her as I had no appetite either) so it was ice cream again.  I tried to add a little variety at supper time with a root beer float.   And to complicate things just a bit more, she is having a bit of breathing trouble with this weather so all the fans are on and pointed at her.  Seems to be helping.

I have managed to get about a half hour of hooking done the last 2 evenings.  That is about all I can stand of anything draped across my legs.
There is a little progress on Pillow #2.  Not as much as I had hoped but at least it is started.
On another note it looks like Hurricane Earl is barrelling straight at us this weekend.  More about that in the next post. 


  1. You poor dear, I will be praying for you and your Mom and Auntie. I hope that the hurricane makes it cooler and not more humid. I know what you mean, I just can't stand to have that hot rug stuff on me either. It was okay when we had a break but it is back to being over 100 and will be that way for awhile.
    Enjoy the ice cream!

  2. I hope the cooler weather will help, but that the rain and wind won't due any damage!

  3. Kim ~
    I hope Mom and Auntie are doing ok. It's bad enough for us but I'm sure worse for them. Hopefully you will get a break in the weather soon and Earl will miss you. Just what you don't need is another thing to stress you out!
    Hugs :)

  4. Rug hooking combined with heat, humidity and hot flashes not a good mix. Now the root beer float, sounds heavenly!

  5. While it stinks being sick it rocks having root beer float for dinner. that is my favorite. It is super hot here today also looking for the cool clear days ahead. Stay safe from Earl

  6. Hi Kim, I sure hope that cooler temperatures are on the way for you and you Mom and aunt. Root beer float is what my husband had for desert for supper yesterday. I hadn't had it in years as I don't usually drink pop. But it sure was nice. You family are in my prayers for cooler temps. and safety from the hurricane. I'm keeping my fingers crossed..

    Your rug is coming along just fine. I'm still working on the binding on mine and I tried to sew my finger so I quitted for tonight. JB

  7. Oh I do hope you and your family find relief from the hot weather soon and that the hurricane does not come near your area.

  8. Earl is coming this way too, though not a direct hit... supposed to make it 20 degrees cooler here by Saturday, so I will concentrate on that good! I do hope you and your family stay safe from the storm... Ice cream and root beer are two of my favorite food groups! ;-)

  9. Kim, all of you take care with Earl comin' at you. Thoughts and prayers with you all. Maybe old Earl will lose some steam or move off a touch in another direction.

  10. Kim: is it humid, also? I feel so terrible for all of you! Do you do what we do here, open everything at night and close it all in the morning, including shades on any windows that get the sunshine? Perhaps Earl will bring you some relief. In the meantime, I applaud ice cream meals, and maybe some iced fruit smoothies for morning??? Yum...

  11. Oh Kim,
    I know how you feel! It has just been such a HOT and HUMID year ... But I think relief is on the way. I hope you don't get hit to hard by the storm. Maybe just some nice cool temps.
    Love the pillow. Have a great Labor Day.

  12. I love your post title. I am so sorry you and your family are miserable. I am ready for fall!