Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mysterious "BANG"

Last night I had just nicely drifted off to sleep when I was jolted awake by a huge thud.  And I mean loud.
My first thought was that it sounded exactly like a few months ago when Mom got up in the dark and fell in her bedroom.  Noooooo.  I flew out into the hall, where I met Auntie who was also running out of her room.

We bolted into Mom's room and there she was, sound asleep in bed.   Hmmmm, a head scratcher right? 

Auntie and I looked at each other and at the same time said "OMG someone is in the house"........

Well, without a 2nd thought I fearlessly ran down the stairs - IN THE DARK.  A more accurate description would be "Brainlessly" because I was un-armed.  Not sure what I was thinking.....maybe that I would distract the intruder with my unfortunate choice of sleepwear that evening??

I went racing room to room - Nobody.  I looked out every window - Nobody in sight.  STRANGE.  So I go back upstairs and tell Auntie that there is nobody in the house.   Then I looked at her......
She is Wild Eyed Crazed!!  Totally freaking out and she won't listen.  She is ranting that "SOMEBODY fell".   I again repeat "There is NOBODY" in the house.  She is beyond hearing me.  Now, she is 80 and I'm sure it startled her, and this "would" have been a time for compassion and patience from me...
But Noooooo, I started to giggle and as you can imagine - this made the situation worse.  Which naturally made me laugh harder.

This morning I walked around the outside of the house to see if there was something that someone may have thrown at the house but nothing.  I guess it will remain a mystery. 

Spooky though.....


  1. Maybe you had a "visitor" ? Yikes! It would be a little unnerving!!

  2. Oh, I hate those middle of night or early morning crashers that always catch you with your pants down and scare you silly! And when you figure out there was no reason for the big panic attack, what better to do than laugh. Glad to hear everything was just fine! Maybe a bat or owl or other night bird hit the house?

    I'm sending you an e-mail by the way about ear disorders and meds, more detailed than what I blogged about. Crazy day here in my world tho, I'll be posting about it later when I catch my breath. ;)

  3. Kim ~
    I'm so happy Mom didn't fall and even happier that you did not find an intruder. I just hate those unexplained noises. It's rather unnerving.
    I hope Auntie has recovered by now.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Kim, I have had those exact nights of something going "bang" in the night. But in the morning, I have always discovered that something has fallen, somewhere, maybe in a cupboard, something outside etc.

    Glad your mom and auntie are safe!

  5. Kim, glad to hear it was not your mom or your auntie, a friendly invisible visitor? I do hope you discover the souce of the noise, keep us posted. The Autumn header is lovely.

  6. Kim I'm glad that you didn't had an intruder and that your mom was sleeping instead of flat on the floor. Maybe your wool has turned back into sheep. lol... Did you look in your stash room? lol. I'm sure that you will find out what fell down, a picture frame or something or a bird flew in the window in the night. JB

  7. So glad everything turned out OK... but the way you wrote the entire scenario has me crackin' up! Especially about the choice of evening wear distracting the intruder! Yah... wouldn't he be skeered when he seen pink fuzzy bunny slippers chasing after him! LOL!

  8. Often find myself jumping out of bed to find my dad on the floor. So far though, never had a 'big bang' happen and not found him on the floor. That's creepy that you couldn't find anything!!

  9. Kim oh those things that go "bang" or "thud" in the night. Always leave us befuddled for a bit when we can't find the reason. Call me crazy AND nosy but I can't help but be curious about the "unfortunate choice of sleepwear". When we hear thuds at night it's usually something that takes a tumble in my kitchen cabinets that wasn't put away right by SOMEone :)

  10. What a night! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the tips on a frame. I am enjoying this new hobby. I am glad to have found your site. I will be back.

  11. Holy moly!!!! It is sort of vaguely like my car horn honking by itself, only creepier. Could you have had someone/thing on the roof? Racoon, maybe? They can sure scare the daylights out of you when they creep around at night. Anyway, glad you're all OK...and thanks for the great morning laugh!!! (PS I remember having those troll dolls when I was a kid, way back when the earth began to cool...)

  12. will I would have been so scared you are brave.
    could it have been a car backfiring?