Friday, September 10, 2010

Company, Drama, and Brain Farts

What a week!  You should never be excited after a long weekend.  All it really means is that you have 4 days to do 5 days worth of work.  It has been like a zoo at the office and home hasn't been much better.

It seems like I just get out of bed, have breakfast and BOOM its nightime again.  Last night I barely finished the supper dishes when a car pulled in the yard.  Company (it was barely 6:30pm).  Not long after ANOTHER car full arrives.  Now its standing room only and they didn't leave until 10:40pm!!!  I think that's a little much.  I still had the garbage to get out to the curb and then I was faced with another sink full of dishes after all their tea and crumpets!  (OK, I was a little cranky, but it was mid week, I had to get up for work in the morning and they left me no time to wind down....)  Alright -- rant finished.

I really want to finish hooking that pillow.  I am tired of working on it and I'm sure you are tired of seeing it.   This little patch is all that is left.

All I need is less than an hour to complete the hooking.  I'm doing it tonight.....I don't care what else happens.  I need to be done with this project!!

Then the drama unfolded.  I quickly checked my emails just before everyone left and there is one from family in Vermont.  Poppy (now 80) was in a car accident.  He is OK - bumps and bruises but the car is totalled.  Then I opened the attached photo......WOW I can hardly believe he walked away from it.  Now I have absolutely no doubt that guardian angels do exist!   She warned me that he doesn't want me to know about the accident.  Kind of cute that he doesn't want me to worry.  But tonight I will call them and just let on that I'm just randomly checking in.    Silly man - doesn't he know by now that there are no secrets in this family?  LOL   He will spill the beans once we are on the phone!

Now an explanation on the brain fart.  Yesterday it was such a beautiful fall day I thought I should change the background of the blog to something more seasonal.  It would take 2 minutes.  Well..........I could not do it.  The darn daisies would not go away.  I got more and more frustrated and kept clicking different settings and then the whole blog was all wonky with fall colors at the top and the stupid daisies in the background.  Arrgh, I lost it and posted up a rant to explain why the blog now looked stupid.  About 15 minutes later I had a brain fart....and suddenly realized how to fix it.  So I quickly deleted the post, because now it wouldn't make much sense.

LOL  But apparently some of you read it.  I had a couple of cute comments.  Serves me right.  I should count to 10 before I post if I'm in a bad mood!


  1. I kept wondering what that was about. I had the notification but no post. When I updated mine it took me a month to get it back to normal. I was ready to chuck the whole thing, but I finally got it working. So I am glad you are up and running again and your background looks great!
    I do hope you get to finish your rug, it sounds like you have had your hands full! It was just one of those kind of weeks.:)

  2. Maybe you should tell the story why you are washing the dishes by hand and not using that dishwasher, still cracks me up!!

    Seriously that is a long day for a working girl don't burn yourself out.

  3. I have had brain farts all week! LOL

  4. Kim, I'm so glad that it wasn't something more serious going on, like pipes bursting, or worst, your Mom giving you a really hard time. I hope that you can take the time to wind down this weekend.

    Thanks Kim, it was so sweet of you to point me into the direction of April's Red Jack blog. Can you imagine my surprise? I'll post a little more on it on my blog later on this evening. It's been an absolute busy day and I only had time to check my email once today and didn't had time to response except to thank April. I usually check about 5 times a day, every time I walk by the office. P.S. I sure missed your blog yesterday. JB

  5. Kim, can I, should I send you a box of chocolate?!!!

  6. You are having quite a time! I do hope everything goes well for your Poppy... car accidents always scare the daylights out of me! I was having difficulty with the new blog format too! It does load the pages faster though...

  7. Hi Kim

    I have brain farts all the time, so you are in good company!! Wondered what happened to your blog post yesterday. I was going to change my blog and on second thought, I am going to leave it alone for today!!!