Tuesday, September 7, 2010

White after Labor Day??

OK, I admit I am a little traditional and old fashioned.  Well, my dear Auntie says I'm only old fashioned when the situation suits me....but lets not go there!   LOL

But, when I was growing up there were hard and fast rules about white. 
1.  Never wear white before the long weekend in May
2. NEVER wear white after Labor Day

Now I realize that, like many things, these rules have changed with the times but I can't seem to change. 

This morning at work one of the young girls (mid 20's) came into my office with a huge grin.  She said "Look what I wore just for you"  Yup, she had on white pants, white shoes and a white purse!!!
She was laughing so hard, she said she had been planning this for weeks and was hoping I hadn't taken the day off!
Then, to make it worse, she said she couldn't wait to go show her Mother after work because she would be horrified too.   
HER MOTHER.........

OMG, I thought I was young but apparently I'm like their mothers!!!  That part was hard to take!  LOL

So what is your stand on White after Labor Day???


  1. I'm all for it!! I have a new pair of white capri's that I've worn twice ~ I want to wear them again!!!!!!!

  2. This so funny, I had my purse that is made out of grass, yesterday and I looked down and said to myself, " Oh know, it's Labor Day and I haven't changed my purse to leather." My husband look at me quizzically, and I told him about no white after Labor Day. I think we just grew up with that being a hard and fast rule. The sad thing is I bet my daughters don't know it. We are just special. :) Not old. :)

  3. Oh, Kim, I follow the white rule ~ except for my capris. They are one of the few things that still fit. The diet is not going well :(
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I'm not too good with following calendar seasons... I guess I stop wearing white when it doesn't match my flannel shirts and earth toned sweaters? Now "Winter White" I think is very elegant... especially around Christmas and New Year's... :-)

  5. Personally, Kim, I am not a white fan at any time of the year, so no problem for me. I can wear my white t shirts or white turtlenecks when the fancy strikes!

  6. I wear white after Labor Day, just white T's though come to think of it. My sweaters are winter white and my jeans are blue, I'm a there isn't any other color but blue kinda jeans gal. I remember getting teased as a kid one day at school by a girl for wearing white tennies after Labor Day. All I wear now are boots and sandals :) But I kinda think we should wear what makes us happy!

  7. Kim,
    Grew up with the same rules! LOL! At this stage in life I'm trying to break every rule I can! Besides..... white matches my hair! Very Cool!
    Cathy G

  8. Those rules have been pounded into my head. I think my body would fight white off if I tried...

  9. I have heard of winter white now what is that? I have seen white wool pants etc. I still couldn't wear them. But I could cut them up and put them in a rug:)

  10. Me? is white pants before or after Labour day would not be good, and 99% of the men I know shouldn't where white pants either. But if you are young and shaping I'd say go for it till it's colder.

  11. that's pretty traumatic, huh? when you realize
    you have 'transitioned' to the other side. :)

    you wouldn't catch me in anything but a white
    blouse after labor day! . . . wait, that's not how
    i meant that. there would be trousers along, too.

  12. I can absolutely remember that rule. One that floored me was everyone was wearing black with their tan dockers in the summer. I thought black was way to hot for summer.
    Now days there are no fashion police I guess.

  13. Kim it looks Fall-ish on the blog! You done good and got rid of your daisies! Very pretty, I'm ready for some apple cider :)

  14. Kim I love your new Fall looks on your blog too.

    I wear white as long as it's warm enough to wear my sandals and that's my rule.

    On another post I started to hear your kettle whistling but didn't get the chance to take it off the stove for you. So sorry things are not working out too well for you today. Wish I could help. Thinking about you. JB

  15. Growing up in Southern California, I don't think I ever even knew about this. Also, we were just lucky to have the clothes that we had, let alone be fussy enough to worry about seasons!