Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 mats done - 3rd started

I'm happy to report the rest of the weekend improved.  Saturday I laid pretty low and by this morning I was back to 100%.  So that meant I got back to my little fall projects.  If you remember I wanted to make a series of small fall mats, all incorporating some of that beautiful yarn I bought from Heidi and London-Wul.

Here is the 2nd one completed - Two Oak Leaves.
They each measure approximately 9x9 inches.  I am loving doing the smaller projects.  You actually get a finished project before you get tired of it!

Here is #3 I started late this afternoon - the funky autumn tree
My original plan was to complete 4 mats.  Now the question is......
What to do with them??

It would probably be an opportunity for a GIVEAWAY.  But you really should have a milestone of some 50 followers maybe???

So I'll just leave it to your imagination and if by some stroke of luck I get to 50 followers before Autumn themed mats become redundant, there just might be a GIVEAWAY in the future.

Subtle eh!!


  1. Well I thought I was already a follower and I became your 50th :) Now how about 60. I just had my 50th and I have been wracking my brain on a give away.

    I love your mats by the way they turned out so very cute. I hope you have a great week next week, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a pair of red shoes and high heeled boots. :)

  2. these! Great job from one crafter to another!

  3. Kim, Congratulations on your 50th Followers. Hurry up and finish your cute little fall mats for the give away. I just love how you used Heidi's yarn on your tree leaves. Pretty clever, and your oak leaves are great too. You are really hooking up a storm... I hope that your week will be the best. Hugs. Julia

  4. Kim, the mats are great! I am with you on what to do with them. I think I need to get some people to post how they decorate with these lovely items. I am just starting and could use some suggestions. As to your comment on my site, Yes I did whip the edge. I think with a little practice I could improve on my skills. What is your favorite technique to finish your projects? Night

  5. Kim ~
    I'm so glad you are feeling better and could enjoy your weekend.
    The mats are so sweet ~ and I see you are up to #51. Woo hoo!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Just adorable, Kim...I love Fall colors and you are doing quite well with your followers...

  7. Gorgeous mats! I am glad you are doing well and had a great chuckle with your recent posts.