Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Its GIVEAWAY time.  Its time to celebrate my favorite season Autumn.    So lets keep this simple - all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  You don't even have to be a follower,  but if you are not just be sure to leave an email address so I can find you.

The prize........one of my little autumn themed mats.  Just tell me in your comment which one is your favorite.   Easy, right?

Here they are again

or  #2  OAK LEAVES


So tell me your favorite and I will draw the winner of one mat Saturday night.   I hope you like them.  Thank you all so much for supporting this blog and my often lunatic ramblings.   I really do appreciate it.
Hugs,  Kim


  1. Oh, Kim ~
    Since I am first, you are going to pick me, right? Since I've hooked several pumpkin mats, I'd choose the oak leaves. They are all great mats! Thanks for offering such a great give~away.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I love the pumpkin and I love giveaways!! Thanks, Kim!

  3. You know this idea could catch on, Kim. Everybody loves give aways, but this one is so special - a handmade work of art! I like them all, but I think the tree is my favorite. Cross my fingers for me. I would love to see in person a hooked mat that someone else does. /Deb

  4. Kim, I love them all but I think the tree is my fav. Do I see some sparkly bling in these? Love them!

  5. hi Kim,
    I love all of them. I think this is so cool that you are willing to part with one of these beauties. I think the leaves are my favorite. I am excited to hear who the lucky one is. Good nite

  6. Kim~ Autumn is my favorite time of year! Just wish it would last longer. I like them all but the tree is my favorite. I like watching the leaves turn each year. Have a wonderful week. :)Ginger

  7. Wow what a neat idea for a give away. I have never done one so I need to come up with something too. My favorite is the little pumpkin. I mean all of them are really nice though.

    I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

  8. Kim, you super smart woman, you got 52 followers and you did those little mat so quickly and they are all so pretty. I love them all too but since I don't have a pumpkin I would choose the pumpkin one.
    Is Millie doing the draw for you? It will be fun to see who will be the lucky one to own a little piece of you. Good luck everyone. JB

  9. You just did these mats... and you are willing to part with one. How generous of you.They are all great. But my choice would be the pumpkin.

    Thanks so much for a chance


  10. Your works are so great!!!I would like to participate in this give away, the gifts are precious!My favorite is the FUNKY FALL TREE.Regards

  11. I love all of them, but the leaves are my favourite. Can it be that only a short time ago, you set up your blog...I think I was in the first few followers? If I remember correctly, wasn't it Heidi that suggested you start one?

    I am putting together an idea for a giveaway too but more of a Newfoundland theme but that is when I get time from the Day Job.

  12. Kim we are back from vacation and I want to play! Please! Oh MY GOsh, the Fall Oak Leaves because it is beautiful and because I never shut up about sittin' under the Oaks sippin' wine :)How sweet of you to do this and thank you for a chance to own a Kim original hooked mat, it inspires me to get hookin'!!!! I started coming here cause your "lunatic ramblings" cracked me up and made me smile.

  13. Hi Kim,

    You are very generous and work quickly. I feel a little "somehow" entering my name because I am not such a faithful blogger as you are; HOWEVER, I love the leaves especially. All of them are quite beautiful....

  14. Hi Kim,
    I LOVE all of them!! But the tree with the leaves is my favorite! Is Millie going to pick the winner? We just returned from our little trip and I think Dave and I are getting too old for these vacations!!LOL I'll explain in my next post.......I got one of your headaches last night! Nice giveaway you have! Thanks for being the generous sweet soul that you are!!
    Cathy G

  15. They are all gorgeous! I LOVE the Funky Fall Leaves!!!!

  16. Look at all those little rugs you finished! And you said you didn't like to finish. I'm beginning to not believe you. I really think you are an overachiever!! If chosen, I would pick the fall leaves. They look so real I can almost hear them crunching under my feet.

  17. Kim,
    Ahhh..... Do I have to pick just one ... They are all so beautiful ... And you do such great work ...
    Okay then, I pick the pumpkin under the tree with the oak leaves ... PLEASE enter me in your wonderfall give away!

  18. Hmmmmm........I think I would pick your beautiful fall oak leaves. We have a very large old oak in our front yard--home to the many squirrels that keep our dog Lucy on high alert!

  19. I love all three, it would be very difficult for me to decide, so if I were the lucky winner I would let you surprise me!

  20. I like anything with a pumpkin! Sunshine.

  21. Blogger is being erratic today so if you get two posts from me it's blogger's fault. lol.

    I love all the mats, they are all beautiful, but especially like the pumpkin. Thanks for your generous giveaway!


  22. The tree is my favorite, but I would take any of the 3 patterns.

  23. I'm with Kim from Rugs n Pugs....I like the oak leaves!

  24. Hey Kim!

    They are all so beautiful! I like the Funky Fall Tree. It is so cute! And I love trees!

    Have a Great Day!

  25. Kim honey what a lovely generous giveaway. I am so happy that I got over here to enter before Sat. I am mentioning you on my site tonight. If its okay I will tell about the giveaway.
    Hard hard decision on my favorite. You could surprise me if I won...but I will behave and choose the pumpkin.
    Your so talented and gifted this is a awesome giveaway.
    Thanks for giving me the chance to enter.
    I sure have missed blogging and hope to start back tonight
    Love ya

  26. I just found your giveaway and love the rugs. The pumpkin and the leaf are my favorites. You do excellent work.

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