Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And the battle begins.....

It's the time of year again for me to enter the "Battle Zone".  It is an annual event.
The Battle Ground??  --- My house.

The Challengers?? ---- Me versus Auntie

The Weapon of Choice???  --- the thermostat
Auntie prefers to live in this environment.....
Me....I prefer a nice cool cozy fall type temperature.  Isn't that what comfy socks
and sweaters were invented for??
Now, don't get me wrong - I don't want them to freeze but there is something seriously wrong when I'm sweating in a tank top and there is frost outside on the ground!!

So, for the next few months it will be a game to see who can control the thermostat.  When she isn't looking I sneak it down a few degrees and as soon as she figures it out, she cranks it up! 

Welcome to the fun house!!  LOL


  1. Oh I do sympathize with you Kim. My husband is the same way. He likes it hot and I like it cool. He stoke the stove and I can't breath it gets so hot. I remove the blankets and he piles them on. He doesn't mind the summer heat and I die a thousand death. I love fall weather. Sooner or later we'll be the ones cranking the thermostat and the younger ones will be turning them down, lol... JB

  2. Thanks Julia. And YES Alice........who is going home? I thought Margaret cho for sure but was wrong.

  3. I thought Michael Bolton ~ he seemed very disconnected with what he was doing!! Maybe The Situation although I kind of like him!!!

  4. Kim ~
    Auntie and I would get along just fine :) Unless I'm having a hot flash, I'm freezing. My boys always said I had ice water running through my veins.
    You can try the trick my old neighbor used on her family (because she was so cheap). She put a floor lamp by the thermostat and the heat from the light bulb would cause the furnace not to turn on.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Bye bye Hoff. I don't think he should have been the first to go but it kept us on the edge of the seat.

  6. Oh Lauren -- I love that idea. I might try it. Hahaha

  7. The lamp by the thermostat works! It doesn't even have to be a floor lamp. I had to move a lamp because the heat was not coming on and I was freezing. I think Auntie would be getting a lovely Snuggie (those blanket/wrap things advertised constantly now) as a gift from me. LOL All summer here I have had a sweatshirt in my living room, by the way. The rest of the family freezes me. It easier to thrown on a sweater than to cool off so I don't say much.

  8. That was good that The Hoff went ~ he looked like he had a bad back ~ but his girls gave it away when they said 'bad knees'. Can't wait till next week!!!

  9. I would be like you. I would want the windows open and lots of fresh air, even in winter. My husband on the other hand keep the house toasty.
    I spend lots of time outside in the cold. Then it is nice to come into a nice warm house. If I could I would leave it off all winter and just burn a fire. OH well, yes, I guess the battle will begin.

  10. My hubs and I have a constant battle with the thermostat. I'm hot, he's cold. I finally put a 'fuzzy' blanket on his side of the bed, on top of the bottom sheet, and another fleece blanket on top of him. He is finally warm!

    Give me NCIS over DWTS anyday!

  11. LOL! You really have a way with words (and pictures). I'm seriously crackin' up this morning!!! :-)

  12. I play this game everyday! Good luck!

  13. I am right there with ya in regards to the thermostat, in my case wood stove. I swear we saved a cord of wood because of me and my "hot flashes." I say "honey, for goodness sake just put a sweater on."