Saturday, September 18, 2010

Behind schedule

The weather today was perfect - sunny, blue skies, just a few fluffy clouds.  I haven't had a lot of opportunity to get out with my camera lately so this morning I suggested a drive in the country.  I thought I'd be able to stop and take photos along the way and it would be good to get the girls out - you know "blow the stink off them" as my Grandma used to say!

But by the time I got everyone up, washed, dressed, fed and medicated.... it was 11:30am!  This should have been my first sign to scrap the plan.  Auntie must have got up on the wrong side of the bed because she was cranky and Mom....she was just plain "in a mood".

Stubborn, I refused to give in and we left.  We eventually got to Parrsboro and Mom was a real treat in the restaurant and then in the car she refused to keep her seatbelt on.  I actually heard myself say "Don't make me come back there".  LOL

Most years by mid September the trees are turning colors, which was what I planned to photograph.  But this year everything is behind schedule, thanks probably to an extended summer with that September heat wave.

I managed to take 4 photos and none all that spectacular but I'm showing you them anyway. 
This one is a blueberry field turning red.   They are not quite at the peak yet but hopefully I will get back soon for a better picture.
This is Newville Lake, just outside Parrsboro.  A gorgeous spot for a picnic.

An apple tree in the middle of the picnic area.  I took some great shots of this tree in the spring when the blossoms were out.

And this is as close as I could come to finding some fall colors on trees.  Hopefully the cooler weather will speed up the cycle.  I love the tree colors in fall.

Oh, by the way - no more bangs in the night.  I still don't know what happened but the suggestions that maybe a bird or bat flew into the house sounds good to me.  That's the explanation I'm sticking with.


  1. Well I enjoyed your ride in the country. :) I love the blueberry field turning red and the apples on the apple tree and the lake was beautiful. We never get fall color in September and I have found it so it is weird that you haven't got that much. I think that is why I love weather, it is unpredictable. You are a good sport and I did laugh when you said, " Don't make me come back there."
    I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I look forward to your posts.

  2. I've never seen a blueberry field! Thanks for that. PS I think you must be a bit of a saint.

  3. Thanks for the laugh(Don't make me come back there) I just love that one! Sorry that the trip wasn't a "complete" success. At least you tried. That is what counts, right? Hope you have a good day Sunday! Lisa

  4. Kim,
    Your photos are just beautiful .... Love the blueberry fields!
    And now you know you have come full circle when you are saying " don't make me come back there" tou your parents ... Like is such fun isn't it!
    Have a great day.

  5. Great pics! The blueberry field is gorgeous! Never seen one in autumn. We are behind schedule here too... on top of the heat, we didn't have much rain either... so it's wait and see...

  6. I am glad the bangs are gone! LOL Great photos!

  7. Kim ~
    Don't make me come back there. Too funny. I agree with Taos Sunflower but I think you are more than a bit of a saint :) There is a special place in heaven for you.
    Hugs :)